Starting Afresh

by farrah


Today marks the start of my pursuit of happiness. I’m excited to tell you that I will now be blogging full time on this whole new platform . <3 Blogging is not something new to me. Some of you might have followed me on Tumblr where I’ve already shared a good amount of words. I never got to update it regularly but after 2 years of working in the hotel industry, I realized that there was something that I wanted to do more – and this is it!


As an overview, my blog will mostly be about fashion, make-up, food, culture, and ALL-THINGS-KOREAN. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you probably noticed how my life has been highly influenced by Korean aesthetics and that I even have my very own Korean fashion webstore, Happymallow. You will definitely see a lot of Korean-inspired outfits, Korean beauty product reviews, Korean pop, etc. etc. etc. This blog, however, will not be limited to those topics. I will also be posting about my other interests, my adventures, personal stuff, what I’m currently up to and many more! <3


I have encountered people whom I know and don’t know that have asked me to do this and I am very grateful to them for giving me the confidence. I especially want to thank my friend, Tricia a.k.a. the best blogger in the world, for mentoring me. She suggested that I do everything on my own and it definitely feels great and fulfilling! That girl went crazy with the deets! That’s why she’s so good at what she does – love her! <3 I also want to thank my boyfriend, Calel, for the moral support. He’s the one who really pushed me to just go for it. *tears*


Ahhh! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to share all kinds of things! I already have posts coming up so please look forward to them. I hope that you will find my blog enjoyable and interesting! I’ll try my best to share happy things that we can all learn from. Thank you for dropping by! *wink*

See you later,


Photos by Tricia Gosingtian 

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Tricia Gosingtian November 9, 2015 - 6:53 am

Congrats bb!!!

Farrah Espina November 9, 2015 - 6:30 pm

Thank you for everything!!

Pauline November 9, 2015 - 6:24 pm

Yay! Congrats Ms. Farrah! ?Looking forward to your posts! Hope you’ll make an entry on how you style your hair. I cut my hair short just like yours because you inspired me to do so. ?Stay kawaii & awesome! ?

Farrah Espina November 9, 2015 - 6:32 pm

Hi Pauline! Short hair is definitely more stylish! I’ll take note on that! 😉 Thank you <3


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