My Top 10 Serenitea

by farrah

Around this time, when it feels like it’s a hundred degrees outside, I always crave for a nice cold flavored beverage. And by flavored, I mean iced coffee or tea with a mix of something. Lol! I’m a huge coffee drinker but when I want to tone down the caffeine a bit, my go-to is milk tea!

I love milk tea. I just find it so much fun ’cause you get to choose from so many flavors and toppings. It’s one of the things that I can’t really say no to especially when it’s done right! My ultimate favourite has always been Serenitea’s Okinawa Milktea since college. It is just so good! It’s the only thing that I order eversince the day I tried it. I realized that recently so I decided to give the others a try. I went on a journey to try Serenitea’s 10 bestselling flavors to find a new fave!

Of course, I can’t do this alone so my fellow milktea lover, Crissey, took on the challenge with me!

Behold, Serenitea’s top 10 flavors! :O I haven’t tried any of these or if I ever did, I don’t remember anymore. :O Crissey and I only managed to take one or two sips from each because we were already full! Lol!

So I listed down all the names of the drinks, decided which place they will go on my top 10 and shared my thoughts on each drink. Let’s start at the bottom for some suspense! Lol!

10. Cocoa Cookies and Cream

Perfect for dark chocolate lovers!

9. Hokkaido Milk Tea

The tea in this has an oriental taste to it. If you’re a fan of oriental tea, you will love this!

8. Chocolate Strawberry Frost

This reminds me of the Meiji strawberry chocolate, Apollo! The strawberry cream on top was really nice!


7. Green Tea Slush

The perfect green tea drink for summer! The level of green tea in this was just perfect. <3


6. Cranberry Black Tea

If you want something lighter, fruity with a bit of sourness, this is your drink.


5. Green Apple Yakult

I loved this! My new summer refresher!



A classic! If you like it sweet and creamy, I highly recommend this!


3. Taro Lover

Because I’m literally a taro lover! <3


2. Oki Espresso

Why have I only tried this now? It’s espresso milk tea done right. I especially loved it because they used okinawa milk tea. <3


1. Okinawa Milk Tea

Nothing will beat this. <3

And that’s it for my top ten! I guess my all-time-fave Okinawa is not going anywhere! It’s that good, you guys! Have you tried it? What’s your favorite Serenitea milk tea? Comment down below! 😉

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Pearl April 9, 2018 - 1:01 pm

My all time fave has always been their Wintermelon Milktea. ☺️

Farrah April 9, 2018 - 6:22 pm

I like Wintermelon too ^^

nexvan October 12, 2018 - 12:41 am

farrah, My all time fave has always been their Wintermelon Milktea.


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