John Hardy: Classic Chain Bracelets

by farrah


To me, the cutest thing that best friends do is wearing matching things to represent their friendship. Tricia and I love matching our outfits. We have so many things in common but have really different personalities. You can say that she’s like my ate. I call her that as a joke. She’s always been super chill while I’m super kulit. (I’m not even exaggerating.) Despite my kulit-ness, I’ve always done/followed/listened to whatever she says because I trust her a lot – maybe more than myself, lol.

In case you don’t know how I knew Tricia, she is actually my boyfriend’s sister. I didn’t know that she was until I realized that the pretty Asian girl that I kept seeing on Lookbook, Tricia G., was actually Tricia Gosingtian – I’ve been a fan ever since! It was easy for us to be as close as we are now because we have similar tastes. She would recommend/give me the coolest Japanese make-up while I bug her with K-pop updates. I follow more Japanese fashion because of her and never fail to tag her when I find daebak (awesome) K-styles.


Chain bracelets that represent bond and togetherness! Classic and timeless, these iconic artisan-crafted bracelets by John Hardy are officially our prettiest matching things. Ever. John Hardy is known for their distinctive collections that last forever. Nothing beats bracelets when you want to go matchy-matchy with your BFF. People will immediately understand how close that person is to you once they see them (especially when they’re this pretty). Plus, you can wear them with anything!


In fact, you’d still wear it even if it doesn’t complement your outfit because it reminds you of the person who’s wearing the same bracelet. Especially, when she is somewhere far, far away – like how Tricia keeps on travelling, while I’m stuck in Manila. It’s a good thing to have a little something of that person when you know that you won’t be seeing each other for a long time. Wish to travel with her one day. Next year, maybe? *fingers crossed*


Isn’t it nice that these bracelets’ stones are pink? Hurray for girly-ness! Our favorite color is blue but it’s true that any girl would inevitably get excited over pink. It’s the perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones. Should I get them for my big sis, little sis and mom as well?


These bracelets give me butterflies. Thanks to Rustan’s Philippines for bringing these John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelets to us. They made me value our friendship even more. This bracelet will always remind me that I have Tricia who has always been such a gem. She’s the one who really pushed me to start my own webstore and this blog. She’s the best best friend anyone can have. I’m forever grateful!

John Hardy is exclusively available at Rustan’s.

Photos by Tricia Gosingtian.

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