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Annyeong!~ Hope everyone’s having a great week because so far, I am!

Today is the debut of my “Fave of the Moment” series where I’ll share about my current fave K-beauty products (obviously, hihi!). It’s not gonna be as intensive as a review. This is just to update you on my new discoveries or products that I’ve been using for a long time but haven’t gotten to share with you. What do you think? 🙂

Today, we will be covering my new secret weapon, The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer. What got me wanting to try this product? Call me shallow, but it’s actually the character from Kakao Friends on the cap. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re from one of the 2 most popular chat apps in South Korea, Kakao Talk. Kakao Talk got me so obsessed since I went to Korea. Aside from being super cute, the stickers’ expressions and personalities are so on-point! Cracks me up! You’ll get what I mean if you try to use the app.

Like their competitior, Line, Kakao has done a huge number of collaborations with different Korean brands. For make-up, so far, they have tied-up with VDL Cosmetics and The Face Shop. Since VDL is yet to come to the Philippines, it’s a big hurray that The Face Shop brought their Kakao collection here. So I’m doing this to make you get up from your chair, head to the mall and get this concealer! /pusher LOL

veil concealer 7

I bought this online before The Face Shop officially released them in the Philippines (in case you panic why you can’t find this character in stores).

Fun fact: Muzi, the character on my concealer, is actually a radish in a rabbit suit! He wears the suit to boost his confidence. Hahaha!

veil concealer 8

Apparently, this concealer is an award-winning product in Korea! This product has already been around for a long time. They only changed the packaging for the collaboration.

I’d only normally need concealing in my under-eye area so I’m not really that particular with concealers until I tried The Saem’s Tip Concealer (which I also super love) and THIS! <3

veil concealer 6

The super cool thing about The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer is that its a 2 in 1 concealer. The top part is a cover stick and the bottom part is the liquid concealer. Have you ever used liquid concealer on your acnes and found yourself applying more of it ’cause it’s a little hard to control and it cakes ’cause you probably already put too much? That’s where the cover stick comes in.

The thickness/heavyness and dryness of the stick concealer makes application for smaller areas hassle-free. I would use the liquid one for my eye bags and the stick one on my pimples/acnes. This is in shade V201. I tend to forget to blend when I apply the cover stick on my pimples ’cause it’s hard to see since it perfectly matches my skin tone! It already blends in my skin without even actually blending it. Lol!

veil concealer 10

Here’s a photo of the liquid concealer when applied under the eyes.  So far, I haven’t seen any caking at all, even that my skin is dry right now. It covered up the darkness right away. It’s not too heavy but it’s not too light either. It’s super easy to blend and goes really well with any of my bb cream/cushions. My only concern is that it might run out way ahead of the cover stick would. Like if you keep buying a new one, you’d probably end up with an amount of cover sticks that you don’t really need. But overall, I highly recommend this. Recently find myself reaching out for this product more than my all-time-fave The Saem’s Tip Concealer. I’d obviously buy again if this runs out! 🙂

Hope you like this post! If you have any questions about this product, feel free to comment below.

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