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by farrah

Hey guys! Merry almost-Christmas! <3 Back with a new beauty post! Today, let me share with you my skin care haul from my last visit in Taiwan. I got a variety of my recent obsession, face masks! Taiwan is the land of my all-time-favorite face mask so I naturally had to hoard on them while I was there. I also got masks from Korean brands that aren’t available in the Philippines (since I won’t be flying to Seoul anytime soon). Most of these, I’d been itching to try! Let’s start!


My Scheming Blackhead Removal Mask

I first heard about this product from this video by @heyitsfeii. She makes the most interesting skincare videos! Go check them out! You’ll see why I bought this!

Spotted this product at the 86 Shop in Taipei 101. I didn’t know it was a Taiwanese brand but I recognized the box (’cause it’s everywhere on Yesstyle.com, lol) and immediately threw it in my basket.

The cool thing about this is that it’s not for one time use only. It has 3 bottles inside- each with a different purpose. The first bottle is the pore softener. The second one is the blackhead mask. Then, the third one is the pore treatment essence. You can continue using the product while you still have stuff left in all three bottles.

This blackhead removal set is very easy to use. It comes with an instruction card inside. Of course, the curious me had used this product already before posting this haul, hehe!

You start by applying the pore softener all over your nose area or where your blackheads are. Then, rinse the product off but don’t let it dry. Apply the blackhead mask onto the same areas. Make sure they’re wet! Wait for the blackhead mask to dry. The product has to be completely solid dry before you peel it off. After peeling comes the horror!! The mask caught even the smallest of the small whiteheads on my nose and chin! It was suuuper disgusting (I couldn’t show you) but also very amusing! Honestly, I don’t have many blackheads but I still like to use nose packs just because, hehe. And out of all the nose packs I’d tried, this product has been the most effective! I definitely recommend this especially to those who’ve been suffering from stubborn blackheads. It didn’t even cost that much, too! I bought this for about 400TWD (P600?). I did a little research that aside from Yesstyle, Beautymnl has been selling this on their website as well. 🙂


My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 

I used to only use random Korean face masks until Tricia introduced this brand to me. I already loved it the first time I tried it that now, it has become one of my ultimate favorites. You know how some masks are just too big or the holes just don’t land on the right places? This one fits like a glove on my face! It clings on and doesn’t fall off or loosen when I move around. You will have no problems watching TV, reading a book or even eating while wearing this on your face. I’m amazed at how this make my skin (significantly) generally better. I’d put this on after my skincare routine minus the moisturizer. I don’t really moisturize anymore after using this because there’s so much essence dripping and locked in the mask which leaves my skin feeling very moisturized and supple after use.

A box of this cost me around TWD200 (P300.00+) guys! SO CHEAP! For the quality of the product, that’s like a super steal! It’s super thin compared to other masks yet it’ll probably take more than an hour before it dries out. It’s perfect for those late night movie marathons.

By the way, this product is currently in the Top 5 of Cosme.net’s Best Face Masks.


L’herbflore Face Mask

I already give this a 100% rating for its packaging. The painted flowers got me! So pretty, isn’t it? And yes, I’m one of those people who will buy the product because of the packaging, haha! I also thought that I should try another of Taiwan’s local brands just to see the difference.

I opened up the Cameila Nourishing Hydromask a few nights ago. I’m not really surprised. I expected that it won’t be as good as My Beauty Diary’s. The moisture is there but it doesn’t really cling on to the face. The part above my upper lip was just completely loose which was quite annoying. I don’t remember how much a piece of this mask cost me but I’m sure it was more expensive than the prior. So, I guess I won’t be buying this next time.


Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

It wasn’t until this year that I started getting into face masks. Like I said, I’d buy them randomly when I feel like it. I didn’t really observe and notice their effects until My Beauty Diary came into my life. So when I started this obsession, I did some research and came across the brand that carries one of the bestselling one in South Korea, the Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask!

I could’ve preordered this online but the price tag on this one takes me aback. A box of 10 of this mask cost more than twice the amount of one box of My Beauty Diary (9pcs)! Tried this last week and I was very pleased. It’s really good but I honestly didn’t notice a big difference between this and MBD. I guess I’d have to keep using it to know. *.* If you’ve used this product, hope you can let me know what are its effects in the long term!


Mediheal x Line Friends Masks

No, I did not buy these because of the packaging. Or did I? Well, I’d been seeing this brand online a lot actually. Mediheal is very popular in Korea for their face masks. What’s cool about this brand is that their masks are not only good but come in so many varieties! Each targets very specific skin issues. I totally forgot about that when I was already at the counter paying for these. I didn’t really check what each mask was for. So yes, I guess I did buy them for the packaging! LOL!

Despite the purpose already written on the packaging, I still couldn’t quite understand what it’s for. But after some google-ing, I learned that this Timetox Ampoule Mask is for firming. Would I look like a newborn baby after this? I’ll find out and let you know, hehe!

With Cony on the packaging, I was right that this Lightmax Ampoule Mask is for brightening! So cute, Cony!

Dr. Sally is for soothing and oil control! I don’t know why but Sally’s face never fail to crack me up.

The Line trio on the packaging probably means it’s for everyone? And it is! This Aquaring Ampoule Mask is suppose to give you moisture and tighten your pores. *.*

These masks are quite pricey, too. I mean, MBD just makes everything else expensive! Lol! And I wish they would just write what each literally is for on the packaging like instead of the nose-bleeding N.M.F, P.D.F, I.P.I., etc. But then again, I didn’t really check the back! 8D


This ends my mini face mask haul! Once I’m done with all of these, I’ll definitely update you with my final thoughts. *.*

If you have any comments, suggestions or anything at all, feel free to drop a comment. 😉

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