Taipei Blog: Shilin Night Market

by farrah

Nyeongann! How’s everyone doing? I know I’ve been MIA a lot this year and I won’t be making any promises anymore ’cause it will be the 100th time already. Kkk!~ Mianhe! Are you surprised that I’m back? I just changed my hosting server recently (from Bluehost to Siteground) because Bluehost was charging me P10k to renew my hosting like WTF BYE. Kkk! I don’t really care what hosting server I do as long as I get to blog, but I felt bad to have spent some money to keep this site up and yet I don’t really post much anymore. 🙁 So from this day on, I decided that I will be making the most of it and to share more happiness with you. <3 Mianhe!! #adulting

Today, I’ll be touring you around Shilin Night Market but first let me just clarify, the xiao long bao place here in Manila, Shi Lin, is in no way related to this market. Kkk!~ It is one of the biggest and most popular night markets in Taipei. I love night markets and Shilin made my tummy very happy. You’d find all the delicious traditional/street food here. If you remember in my last post, I really like the street food in Taiwan! One of the best I’ve tried! 🙂

You can easily get here via train. It’s just a short walk from the Shilin Night Market station.

These folks had quite an audience at the market. Uncle and auntie work so hard – why can’t I? LOL ;_;

You have to come here with an empty stomach. So many food stalls around la! I walked here alone so I didn’t get to try that many things. If I were with friends, it would’ve been more enjoyable for sure!

Some cool looking rice thingamajig.

Forai buns! *u*


Cute stuffed bunnies!

  Cute cartoon and anime character pins!

You’d find a lot of shoe stores here, too! I got a pair of leather Jack Purcell’s for only 1500TWD which is about P2,500. I recently saw a pair at a Converse shop here and it was P4,900+ WOAH!

Taipei is so clean.

Yum or ew? I’m not sure either. Kkk!

I’m not sure what this is but it looks yummeh 😮

 Yummy looking strawberries 😮

Ghibli goodies! *.* They’re cheaper here than in Jiufen!

Taiwanese are also quite very k-stylish. Love it! I got skirts for about P600 each. The quality was really good, too.

More Ghibli figurines. Sooo cute!

It doesn’t end! LOL.

Gudetama socks, anyone? 😮

Many people came to shop on a week night.

So many good deals around.

I really miss the gashapons in Japan. 🙁

I like how it wasn’t super crowded – just the right amount of people. It was more than enough for me to move around comfortably.


I take too long browsing at these stores. Kkk! So many cute stuff! I bought most of my pasalubong at this night market.

Snorlax gets tummy rubs. Kkk! So cute!

Barbapapa slippers, shirts, and bag!

Sneakers heaven. I would’ve bought that two toned white + beige. Eet meee!

More easy pasalubongs!

I’m sure they serve good food here!

Phone cases here were quite expensive but really really cute. Plus they have so many options!

Sweet potato balls. I love sweet potato!!!

Just take all my money!

Kkk my fave Taiwanese sausages. Sweet and salty.

I wonder what’s inside these buns. ;A;

Tempura heaven!

I love dalandan juice!

Ending this post with a Poke Stop. Lol! Hope you enjoyed touring with me. Definitely visit this night market if you want to try these yourself. *.* ‘Til the next! <3

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