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by farrah

Ahhh! My heart was literally singing when I attended the Sephora Mix and Play Skincare launch a.k.a. the first ever event of Sephora in the Philippines! <3 And knowing Sephora, it can only be fun – and it was! They definitely did it with a bang with skincare as the main topic. Y’all know I’m all about that life. With good skincare products, your make-up can only look good or even better! Skin first, girls! <3

As you all know, there’s now such a thing, a beautiful thing(!), as SEPHORA.PHPinoys don’t have to go abroad to shop at their stores. I’m not a huge online shopper when it comes to make-up except when I already know the products so thanks to this event, I now have more reason to do it!

The first things in my cart will be from the Sephora Collection – for sure. Yes, they have their own line! I honestly didn’t know about it before the event – I’m sorry! *cries* I was pleasantly surprised, though! It’s these gems that make life more fun and exciting. Just by swatching and touching the stuff, I already knew that I did miss a part of my life. 🙁 Lol! Quality is really good. The brushes really caught my eye! They were so freakin’ soft – I have to get my hands on them.

Naturally, the cushion maniac in me had to examine the cushions. *.* So far, the finish was really pretty and they come in several shades so yay!

Liquid lippies are my weakness and Sephora’s cream lip stains were pretty good on my first try. The shades were just stunning. The finish is matte and soft. It’s also lightweight and doesn’t transfer. Definitely one to check out on your next visit to their website.

They also have varieties of blushes and lipsticks! I’m very impressed with their make-up shade choices – ALL SO PRETTY. I’m pleased!

If there’s anything that you absolutely need to check out at the Sephora Collection right now, it’s their MIX & PLAY SKINCARE products! Here’s Janeena, our beautiful host, and Bon, the marketing head of Sephora PH who flew all the way from Singapore, filling us with some info about the Mix & Play Skincare and how it works. *.*

When it comes to skincare, the problem always lies in the question, “will it work for my skin type”? Sephora made it easy by coming up with sets of skincare products that consist of  4 essentials: facial wipes, cleansing creams, micellar cleansers, and lip balms – which are basically all you need in your daily skincare. These sets come in different variants where each have one main natural ingredient. Each main ingredient has a unique skin benefit. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination, they got you covered!

Each variant is represented by 1 color so to simplify: 1 COLOR = 1 INGREDIENT = 1 BENEFIT. And each essential comes in different textures so you can find the one that’s right for you. You can even mix and match the colors to come up with your very own skincare set – and that’s where the “mix and play” part comes in! Sounds fun, yes? 🙂

With the help of the Sephora skin experts, we got to try and learn more about the products by color! *.* Thank you, girls! I have to say their make-up’s ON POINT.


Here’s a rundown of all the product types:

The micellar cleansers come in three textures: 1) milk – gentle makeup remover 2) gel – for sensitive skin, and 3) water – makeup remover and great for combination-to-oily skin.

The cleansing creams come in 2 textures: 1) cream – changes to a silky milk upon contact with water to remove makeup and impurities, and 2) scrub – unclogs pores and eliminate dead skin cells.

The lip balms deeply repair and nourish the lips. They also come as lip scrubs, which contain sugar particles that smoothen the lips.


Here’s a rundown of all the colors, their main ingredients and benefits:

Yellow = Yuzu & Tangerine

“Yuzu and Tangerine both have invigorating and toning properties, as well as high levels of vitamin C. Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, reenergizes and brightens your skin to give you a youthful, glowing look. Tangerine plumps and tones the lips. “

Products: Cleansing Cream – Yuzu (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Gel – Yuzu (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes – Yuzu (P385), Lip Balm – Tangerine (P347.00)


Gray = Charcoal & Honey

“Charcoal, known for its detoxifying properties, helps reduce oil, absorb impurities, and refine the texture of your skin. Honey, meanwhile, is known for its nourishing, soothing and healing properties. “

Products: Cleansing Cream – Charcoal (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Water- Charcoal (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes – Charcoal (P385), Lip Balm – Honey (P347.00)

White = Coconut Water

“Coconut Water contains vitamin C and natural electrolytes that soothe and relax the skin. Its hydrating benefits can help alleviate dryness and flakiness.”

Products: Cleansing Cream – Coconut (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Milk – Coconut (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes – Coconut (P385), Lip Balm – Coconut (P347.00)


Pink = Rose

“Containing anti-inflammatory benefits that balance skin’s pH level, rose intensively moisturizes and evens out the complexion. “

Products: Cleansing Cream – Rose (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Milk – Rose (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes – Rose (P385), Lip Balm – Rose (P347.00)

Green = Green Tea & Almond

“Green Tea, known to be high in antioxidants, purifies and calms the skin. Its antioxidant properties reduce puffiness, fights blemishes, and gives the skin a natural glow. Rich in omega 6 & 9, almond is intensely nourishing.”

Products: Cleansing Cream – Green Tea (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Water- Green Tea (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes – Green Tea (P385), Lip Balm – Almond  (P347.00)


Red = Pomegranate & Goji Berry

“These two ingredients refresh the complexion because of antioxidants. Pomegranate fights dullness and prevents skin damage while Goji Berry contains reenergizing properties.”   

Products: Cleansing Cream – Pomegranate (P385.00) , Micellar Cleansing Gel- Pomegranate (P347.00), Cleansing Wipes- Pomegranate (P385), Lip Balm – Goji Berry (P347.00)

And oh, have I mentioned that all the variants smell absolutely wonderful? You can get a hint of each of the natural ingredient’s scent. *.*

After hearing about the products’ benefits, I came up with my very own skincare set! *.* The coconut water and the rose variants particularly stood out for me as I have dry skin. Both are for moisturizing. I really liked how the coconut cleansing wipes left my skin feeling buttery after trying it on my hand. The rose facial cream and micellar water, since are both gentle (as my skin can be quite sensitive), were my choice for removing any make-up residues and dirt after the use of wipes. I added in the charcoal cleansing wipes as it comes in 2 different textures – one side is normal while the other has a rough texture for exfoliating! The pomegranate micellar cleansing gel is for days when I put heavy make-up on as it can remove waterproof make-up. Last but not the least, I chose the tangerine lip balm as my lips often look dull and I think it’ll help my lips look alive! 🙂

Congratulations on your first successful event, Sephora! <3 Always fun to talk about skincare! Can’t wait for the next ones!

Sephora made sure we didn’t go home empty handed and gave us each a set of Mix & Play Skincare to review. Yaaaas! <3

Here’s what’s inside my box. Let’s see how they work with my skin type. *.*

So excited!

Top left – top right: Green Tea Cleansing Wipes, Green Tea Cleansing Cream, Rose Micellar Cleansing Milk and Rose Lip Balm

Bottom left – bottom right: Yuzu Cleansing Gel, Honey Lip Balm, Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes, Pomegranate Cleansing Cream


Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes

The Sephora Pomegranate Cleansing Wipes effectively removed my make-up – from my brows to my lips. I don’t really use water-proof make-up and I also prefer not going straight to washing my face so this was definitely thumbs up for me. It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky, dry or irritated. It left it feeling clean and refreshed. The scent is just amazing. I don’t know how but everything on this skincare range smells so freakin’ good but really mild – makes me want to smell it even more. *.*

Green Tea Cleansing Wipes

Okay, before anything, I have to tell you that I have issues with products that have green tea in it. Most green tea products are actually meant for people with oily skin (again, mine is dry). I just love the sound of green tea as it is high in antioxidants so I never learn and still find myself getting green tea products even if it leaves this scary burning sensation on my skin (I’m masochistic like that, lol). THANKFULLY, the Sephora Green Tea Exfoliating Wipes did not leave me feeling like that. *happy tears* Like the pomegranate one, it removes make-up just as effectively but this also exfoliates so YAY(!). The exfoliator side doesn’t feel that harsh on the skin – it actually feels really good.

Hihihi, green tea, I love you now!


Rose Micellar Cleansing Milk

The Rose Micellar Cleansing Milk is probably my most favorite on this whole range. Aside from its wonderful addicting scent, I love it’s milky consistency. It feels like my face is being intensely moisturized while I’m removing my make-up. I tried using this as a make-up remover and as a next step after the cleansing wipes. I find that I prefer doing the latter as I’m such a double-cleansing freak. It removed the leftover make-up that the cleansing wipes missed. It’s always better to be sure. My skin felt so clean after!


Yuzu Micellar Cleansing Gel

I never tried products with yuzu until the Sephora Yuzu Micellar Gel. Like the Rose Micellar Cleanser, I use this after the cleansing wipes. But the difference is that this is basically a cleanser + toner! It evens out and brightens your skin. I’d still have to keep using this to see the results, but so far, as a toner, I like how it doesn’t leave a burning sensation on my skin. With it’s micellar water content, it doesn’t strip out the natural oils of your face. It doesn’t dry out my skin.


Pomegranate Cleansing Cream

Having dry skin all my life taught me that the foamier the cleanser, the drier your skin will get. Like I said in my previous posts, I’m quite picky with my cleansers ’cause I had really bad experiences with cleansers before. The Sephora Cleansing Cream was definitely a great addition to my list of “the only cleansers I can use in my life”(lol). Its consistency is pretty much like a liquid-y lotion. It feels so good when I massage it on to my face. And after rinsing, my skin would feel soft, moisturized and refreshed!

Green Tea Exfoliating Cleansing Cream

The Green Tea Exfoliating Cleanser has beads that doesn’t hurt when you massage it on your face and it almost looks good to eat, lol! I just love how creamy it is. And it is, like what it says on the bottle, mattifying, so I highly recommend it for people with oily skin.


Honey Lip Scrub

I like peeling off the dry skin on my lips and I get wounds from it (I know, sorry!) so the Sephora Honey Lip Scrub is just perfect for me. Honey is known for healing and soothing. I didn’t know I can do something about my lips so I’m really happy to find my savior on days when I have really dry lips.

Rose Lip Balm

When it comes to moisturizing my lips, the Sephora Rose Lip Balm is my new go-to. I apply this before going to sleep and each day I wake up with plump and moisturized looking lips (thanks to the shea butter in it!). I might actually not need the scrub anymore if I keep using this! Maybe not when it gets colder, though. Haha!

I had so much fun trying out these products aside from organizing them by color, hehehe! (It’s just so satisfying!) These products were honestly overall really good and I really think that you should give them a try especially if you’re knew to skincare as it’s really easy to find which ones are good for you here. And I love the part where natural ingredients are used as the main ingredients. It’s pretty much why I’m so into K-beauty since most of their products contains high quality natural ingredients. Quality-wise, the Sephora Collection is a great place to start. I honestly think that their brand is underrated now that I’d seen what they can do. It’s really worth checking out! 🙂

The Mix & Play Skincare range by Sephora Collection brings a whole new level of fun and efficiency to beauty regimens. Through the concept of colorful skincare, we can achieve clear, healthy skin without the frustration of trying endless products.

Despite being formulated from premium ingredients, the entire range is totally affordable, too! Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes (₱385); Lip Balms and Scrubs (₱ 347); and Micellar Milks, Gels, and Waters (₱347).
As an added treat, you can get a free cleansing wipe from the new range when you purchase any four from the new collection—today until April 13, 2017! For more information, visit

For on-the-go shopping, you can also download the Sephora App today and enjoy free delivery on your next purchase! Just enter the code APPDELIVERY on your next inapp purchase.*
* Valid from March 23 to 30 and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What are you waiting for? Let’s play!

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