Review: Sooperbeaute Lip Lacquers

by farrah

I love liquid lippies! I get so much satisfaction out of painting my lips with them. Can you relate? My 2016 has been mostly obsessing over liquid lipstick swatch videos on Youtube. It’s just so satisfying!

Today let me introduce you to one of the few local brands that offer liquid lipsticks, Sooperbeaute. I’ve seen them on my Instagram feed several times and I’m pleased that I finally got to try their products.

“The Sooper Beaute Brand is 100% Filipino. We are proudly formulated and made in the Philippines. Caring for your skin with nothing but natural ingredients. We strongly advocate for natural and true inner beauty, that is why we developed products that do not aim to change everything we love about you, instead our products aim to enhance and highlight the true beauty in you.”

Two words: 1) natural 2) ingredients – easily something that piqued my interest! *.* Their lipsticks are quite affordable, too. So far so good! Let’s get swatching!

I got the Sooperbeaute Lip & Cheek Lacquers in 3 different shades: Orion, Juno and Mercedes. First of all, cool names! Warm nude shades are everything to me right now so I’m really loving the colors. Orion which is more on the pinker side is the brightest while Juno is the darkest. Juno is basically a darker shade of Mercedes (well, that’s what I think, hehe!). The finish is quite glossy but not sticky at all. They feel moisturizing on the lips which, again, I prefer since I have dry lips. These are perfect on days that you don’t really want to put a lot of make-up but still look bright and fresh!~

They’re all very pretty colors but my favorite would be Mercedes! The only thing that I didn’t really like is the scent. One of my little pet peeves is when I can smell the product while wearing it. And well, the packaging could be better. If you’re not really sensitive about that then I recommend these lipsticks, especially if you’re on a budget ’cause these just retail for P199.00 each. As for the longevity, don’t expect too much since they’re more on the glossy side. If you want longer-lasting ones, you can check out their matte lip lacquers!

If you’re still in school, lip tints are definitely a go-to. They make you look fresh without having to worry about reapplying every so often. Sooperbeaute has them, too! These Lip and Cheek Rollies  just retail for P120.00 each. You get a lot of the product for the price!

Here’s a swatch! Of course, since these are tints, expect them to last longer than the lip lacquers. I have 4 different shades of them: Bloody Red, Darling, Just Bitten & Honey. My pick is the Honey shade. I like it when reds are more on the cooler side ’cause they give you a more flushed look. These rollies are overall decent products. I’m just honestly not a fan of the rolly component.

My final thoughts? These products are worth trying if you’re on a budget and prefer natural ingredients, especially the lip lacquers. The shades are just beautiful. As for the rollies, they’re not bad. It was fun trying them!

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