If you are as lazy as I am in the morning, this is probably the ONLY skincare that you need.  Or at least, that’s what I think and do (please don’t judge me, hehe!). The Son and Park Beauty Water has been the talk-of-the-town in the world of Korean water cleansers. It doesn’t only work as a cleanser, it is also a toner and a mild exfoliator. And what I like about it the most? It’s so freakin’ gentle!

Gentle to the point that if I need to correct anything whenever I do my make up, I know that this will do the job and at the same time wouldn’t harm my skin – no feeling of irritation and whatsoever! I’m sure that I can go like around 5 times redoing my eyeliner and wiping it off with this without hurting myself! And the reason is that this only has a ph of 5! It doesn’t dry out my already dry skin since it doesn’t strip off my natural oils. *.*

I use it more for prepping my skin before doing my make-up, though – to make sure that I start with a clean and moisturized canvas. And the cool thing about this is that people of any skin type can use it. It’s a multi-tasker plus an all-arounder!

I highly recommend it as a toner as despite it having a bit of alcohol – it’s the one thing that I hate about most toners honestly. The formula is so good that you can totally forget about that. It has rose water which is popularly known for toning. Always loved this ingredient!

Sometimes, when I put on heavy make-up. I’d add this on my night time routine (after make-up remover and facial wash) to make sure that I sleep with a squeaky clean face. And you will really see that there’s still a bit of dirt left on your skin after double cleansing!

It effectively gets rid of your dead skin cells for a healthy and glowy skin with the help of willow bark and papaya extracts. *.* Good stuff!

And omo, the scent smells so fresh and mild. I am quite obsessed. *.*

To me, there’s really no downside to it except maybe the price? But honestly, you are getting what you pay for since it’s a multi-tasker and the quality is beyond real! And it’s a lot of product for 1 bottle! I highly recommend this. <3

You can purchase the Son and Park Beauty Water at Shop Pibu.

This is not a sponsored post. The product was sent to me for reviewing purposes only.