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Matte lippies are all the hype in today’s world of make-up. We all know who to put the blame on. I used to avoid matte lippies ’cause my lips are annoyingly dry until Kylie Jenner’s lips became the #GOALS. Eversince, I got so obsessed in looking for a similar lip product to hers. Luckily, these Sleek Matte Me Lippies came into my life! Sleek sent me three of their Matte Me shades. I was already in love when I first tried them- simply because they look awesome on my dry lips!

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The Matte Me’s come in 12 shades: Petal, Birthday Suit, Brink Pink, Party Pink, Rioja Red, Fandango Purple, Bittersweet, Fired Up, Old Hollywood, Shabby Chic, Velvet Slipper, Vino Tinto. But today’s review will be about 3 of them: Birthday Suit (which is my fave!), Bittersweet and Shabby Chic.

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The whole thing is nice and sturdy. The applicator is decent. I don’t think it’ll break easily since the bottle is plastic. The twist cap is mess-free. It’s easy to bring around but I don’t think one would have to unless you’re gonna be out eating the whole day.

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Color & Quality

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This is how they look like when first applied. As you can see, both Bittersweet and Birthday Suit are peach shades, while Shabby Chic is a nice mauve color. I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with them. My current lippies are similar to these shades but these, by far, are the closest to the peachness/mauveness that I look for in lippies.

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So pretty! <3 They’re not as pigmented as high-end brands (of course), but for P450? These are a steal! The quality is beyond decent. I don’t have to keep on applying them throughout the day. 1 application can last you almost the whole day. They’re a tad bit sticky, but you wouldn’t even notice it.

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See what I mean? This is after pouring water + rubbing them. They just don’t come off easily. You can even try wiping them off with a wet tissue. Avoid oily food though! That would be the only problem. But, I’d rather have that than not being able to remove them at all. Haha!


I’ll definitely buy more bottles of these once they run out, but it looks like that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. These lippies are very SULIT. <3 I think that everyone should try them!

*This is not a sponsored post.