Review: Missha x Line Friends

by farrah

Missha Line 1

Calling all Line App users! One of the cutest make-up collaborations, Missha x Line, is here! Thanks to the kind-hearted people of Bien’s Beauty Bliss for bringing them to me. I can now spread the wonderful news to all my fellow Filipino K-beauty lovers (even months already passed since their release)! <3

The Missha x Line Friends Edition Make-up Collection was launched last January 2016. I’ve been a Line Chat user since my IOS days (yes, I’d converted to Android). I remember having so much fun sending stickers to my friends but I didn’t go as far as buying the special edition ones (I was tempted, though). Before the Facebook stickers, the Line friends were the only cutest stickers out there. Aren’t Brownie, Cony, Moon, Sally, and JAMES so funny? (And OMG, I was even super addicted to Line Play!) When Uniqlo released Line shirts, I thought they were the cutest things in the world already! But this make-up line is in a whole nother universe of cuteness. My heart can’t simply take it. Gahhh!

By the way, I haven’t tried any Missha products before this. *gasp* Were you surprised? I’d heard how good their bb creams are but I guess they weren’t cute enough for me to get me buying. Did they read my thoughts hence the release of this ridiculously adorable collection?

Missha Line 2

Unfortunately, the cushions in this collaboration were out of stock so I went ahead and got the Coloring Tint Balm in Love To You, the Glossy Lip Rouge in Wanna Pink and the 3D Mascara! (I want to try the eye shadow palettes, too!)

Here’s a swatch of the 2 lippies:

Missha Line 14

Left: Coloring Tint Balm in Love To You ; Right: Glossy Lip Rouge in Wanna Pink

Glossy Lip Rouge in Wanna Pink (GPK01)

Missha Line 3

First of all, I don’t really know what’s the difference between lipsticks and lip rouges but I think the latter is lighter and similar to lip tint/stain. Second of all, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be long wearing but I guess not because this isn’t. It’s not an issue, though, ’cause I’m REALLY loving how this looks on my lips! So pretty! <3 This is probably my favorite among the three on this list!

2 types: Based on my research, the Sally collection of lip rouges are all glossy, while the matte ones are Brownie’s.

Shades: The Sally collection have 4 pinkish shades (GPK01, GPK03, GRC02, GRD01) while the Brownie collection have 4 redish shades (MBR01, MDR01, MDR02, MDR03)

SPF: 13 (Glossy), 17 (Matte)

Scent: The scent is really nice. I just don’t like how I can taste it when I put it on my lips.

Going out with tinted lips makes so much difference. I fail to do this on days when I’m feeling like I don’t care what I look like. People would ask me if I’m sick or something. If you’re not very fond of lipsticks, this is a very good alternative! This tint looks so pretty on photos. It’s super moisturizing and not sicky at all. The color is so youthful! I’m in love! Been using this almost every day since I got it.

Missha Line 5

Juicy lips!

Coloring Tint Balm in Love To You

Missha Line 14

When I was in college, tint balms were my absolute favorite! I’m a sucker for anything quick and easy. I have dry lips, therefore, have to apply lip balm or else, no lipsticks for me. Tint balms save me time and effort- one application instead of two! Hurray for laziness! Lol!

Shades: Love To You (red), Sweet To You (pink), Happy To You (peach), Joy To You (orange)

SPF: none

Scent: Smells great but I can also taste it a little when applied.

This is a little similar to the lip rouge but lasts a bit longer. It’s also SUPER moisturizing (which I love) but a tad bit sticky (like most tint balms). It’s not as shiny as the lip rouge; it’s more natural-looking- glides on easily, too. I’m honestly not very mad about the color but it might be prettier on others (since we all have different natural lip colors). I’m thinking of getting the Happy To You shade, too. The color on the pictures looks very promising! <3

Missha Line 7

I look alive!

3D Mascara

This mascara is a special edition repackaging of their existing The Style Mascara.

2 versions: 3D (Sally), 4D (Brownie). The difference between the two? The applicator of the 3D Mascara is triagular while the 4D one is square.

Missha The Style Mascara 3D vs 4D


Functions: The 3D one is basically for elongating the lashes while the 4D one is for volumizing.

Finish: Semi-matte

Color: Black

This product retails for about W3,500 in South Korea!! Add taxes and stuff if bought in the Philippines but still worth every peso. Since mascaras normally last for 3-4 months before expiry, why not settle for a cheaper one, right? What I loathe about mascaras is when they make you look like a Panda after hours. Good news, this one doesn’t! It doesn’t smudge but it’s not waterproof. I never liked waterproof ones anyway. The only thing that bothers me here is the very long applicator which I eventually got used to. The lengthening effect is awesome. It’s not too much. You can still build it up if you want them to be longer. For the price, you’re really getting more than what you pay for! Plus, have I mentioned the cute packaging? I’m obsessed! It’s simple and clean. I love this product so much that I bought like 20pcs. of these in Korea as gifts for my dear friends. I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all. It’s so light! It’s easy to remove, too!

I hope this review helps! It’s nice to see Missha coming up with a more affordable collection like this since this brand is more on the higher end of Korean make-up. I am very satisfied with these three. <3 Thanks, Bien’s Beauty Bliss!!

These products are available at Bien’s Beauty Bliss

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Really ? This mascara doesnt smudge? Bcs i read another review that doubt this mascara. And is it okay if i’d like to drop soflents’ solution to my eyes? Does the mascara run out?

Farrah April 10, 2016 - 10:22 am

Well considering the price, I think that this is a really good mascara. It doesn’t smudge on me – I’m just sharing my experience. I’m sorry I don’t use soflent’s solution. 😀

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