Review: Dodo Cat Face 2 Change Glow Cushion

by farrah


Not long ago, Holika Holika introduced it’s most artsy and adorable product line yet, the Audrey Jeanne x Holika Holika collaboration make-up. Audrey Jeanne is an artist based in France who is very well-known for the cat on the cover as her trademark! It’s actually the first I’ve heard of her, but since I’m crazy about the packaging, I googled her and guys, you have to check her work! Her Instagram feed will be such an eye candy for cat lovers. *.*

Wow, seriously – the cute collaborations just keep on coming. Just when you thought make-up couldn’t get any cuter, Korean brands just keep on surprising us with new ones! I am very pleased, I must say. *nod nod* Anyway, today’s review will be about one of the items on their new line (obviously), the Dodo Cat Face 2 Change Glow Cushion BB which I got from my fave, Bien’s Beauty Bliss! I died immediately the first time I saw it! After my last cushion review, I thought I was done trying new ones, but this changed my mind. Lol! #kbeautygeekproblems



The Dodo Cat Face 2 Change Glow Cushion is not just any cute cushion. It features a moist base and a white essence. The moist base covers your imperfections while giving you a moisturized, soft and even finish. The white essence brightens and highlights your skin. The base is obviously the beige color on the cushion while the cute paw print is the white essence! My eyes widened upon seeing this. How can anything be so cute?~

SPF: 50++. There is no escape from this crazy summer heat so it’s a good thing to have high SPF. No need to put sunscreen when you have this on.

Shades: #21 and #23. For this, I went for my default BB cream shade, #21. I panicked when I first applied it ’cause I thought it was too light. Fortunately, it oxidized and looked more natural after around 15 minutes. The shade is pretty neutral (which I like) so I don’t have any complaints.

Coverage: The coverage is light to medium. One of my very few problems with this one is that it takes time to set but once it does, it sets beautifully! It is comparable to my fave, Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB. The noteworthy difference is that this one is shinier (since the the Aqua Petit Jelly BB is semi-matte). It really covers pores and blemishes. It evened out my skin tone and gave my face a pretty sheen. It’s like they infused highlighter with bb cream! The moisturizing effect goes well with my dry skin – it doesn’t make my face look oily. I applied this on a day when I went to watch a basketball game without any ventilation, and it sat on pretty well in the heat!

Packaging: Aside from being incredibly adorable, the quality of the packaging is very nice. Like regular bb cushions, it has a sponge, a divider and a cushion. The applicator is not blue, but you can still see the product on it. It doesn’t come with a refill. But, I guess, they did that to make this more affordable.

Price: $$. Despite the absence of a refill, this cute thing is still significantly cheaper than most quality cushions. It’s a very good product for its price.

Where to get this: Online. I got mine from Bien’s Beauty Bliss.



Credits to my bb, Crissey, for being my hand model! Lol!


Dodo 5

Swatch of the product

Cool, isn’t it? If you want more radiance, you can simply put more of the essence.


After blending

 We obviously put too much white essence so that you can really see the effect.

Verdict: If you’re a fan of the popular Korean dewy glow + super duper cute packaging, I highly recommend this. Holika Holika has never failed me! It’s really sad that the branch near me closed already. 🙁 I tried many of their cute products and so far, I never found myself disappointed at any of them. I think that the quality of the product did justice to Audrey Jeanne’s art. <3

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anon April 19, 2016 - 5:33 pm

Why did you use Crissey’s had for the swatch instead of yours if this is your review? 🙂

Farrah April 19, 2016 - 6:06 pm

Hello! Crissey and I use the same BB cushion shade regardless of brand. We have very similar skin tones (only with slightly different undertones). For the purpose of showing the white essence, I used her hand so I could take proper photos. 🙂

Camille May 3, 2016 - 11:36 pm

You really have a good skin! So envy ??

Farrah May 4, 2016 - 3:04 pm

Thanks Camille! <3

Katherine July 31, 2016 - 7:16 am

Hi! I bought this cushion and I’m waiting for it, but I have a question with the refill’s because this is supposed to be a limited edition. All holika holika cushion’s have the same refill package (I mean, like use the case of the dodo cat version but with another refill, not the dodo one)? I thought that because if I like it I’m gonna buy a refill but I’m scared that by the time people don’t sell this one (limited edition), thanks!

Farrah August 1, 2016 - 1:49 pm

Hi! That’s the problem with a limited edition product. The Dodo Cat cushion doesn’t come with a refill. I guess you can try their other refills but I haven’t tried their other cushion products so I can’t really suggest one. Maybe you should see it yourself and get a refill that’s available. I’m sure it’ll fit. I can’t quite understand your question but I hope this helped. 😀

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