My daily look is the no make-up look. I achieve my daily look by simply putting on some bb cream, doing my brows, concealing any dark areas and applying my fave lip tint. My skin isn’t perfect. I usually lack sleep. I like to pop my pimples (which I know is wrong). And I look really tired without anything on my face.

See what I mean? I have a few dark spots, dark under-eyes, a little bit of redness, blemishes and slightly enlarged pores. This is me in my daily make-up without the 3 Holika Holika products that I will be telling you about. I only did my brows and applied some lippy here.

Let’s start the review!

1) Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream (02 Aqua Neutral)

First up is the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream. If you love watching Korean make-up tutorials on Youtube, you might have heard of this already. A lot of the people that I follow were raving about this. I ship Korean make-up so I had to give it a try. This is not a new product but it’s definitely new in the Philippines since they just opened this year at SM Fairview.

I’ve been using this for about 3 months and this is, by far, the BEST since I started using bb creams 6 years ago! <3

What impressed me:

The finish. I love how it leaves a semi-matte finish and makes my skin look hydrated and healthy. It’s not sticky at all. It’s perfect for people with combination of dry and oily skin-type like myself. <3

It’s water-based. It’s super refreshing to put on. It’s so light that I feel like I didn’t put anything on my face. The texture is really jelly-like and you apply it with a small spatula. Some might find it kind of gross, but it doesn’t really bother me.

The coverage. It has medium coverage and very build-able. I almost don’t need to put concealer. It does a good job in lightening my dark under-eyes. A little goes a long way! 

It’s neutral. It’s not yellowish, pinkish NOR grayish.

The scent. I love it. It smells really fresh! 

It has SPF 20++. Sunscreen is always a plus.

It holds up the whole day. My face would still look as it was in the morning. My t-zone gets kind of oily but it looks more like dewy because of the semi-matte finish.

It’s affordable. You can get them at selected SM Departments Stores, Watsons , and the Holika Holika store in SM Fairview for only Php750.00. Some online shops sell them for Php100 less, I think.


The very limited shades. It comes in 2 shades like most Korean bb creams but both shades are quite too light. The first shade, Aqua Beige, is similar to Missha’s No.13. I think it’s for super pale people with pink undertones. While the second shade, Aqua Neutral, is Missha’s No. 21. It’s also kind of pale but very neutral. So if you’re a 23 shade bb cream-user, this might be too light for you. This is a minor problem for me as the Aqua Neutral shade looks perfectly fine on me.

The packaging is cute but might be hard to bring around. Since the container is glass, it’s not quite handy. It’s all right, though. One application of this bb cream lasts me a day so I don’t really have bring it with me.

It comes with a sponge that doesn’t even evenly spread the product. I don’t use sponges very much but I can tell the the quality isn’t very good.


This is overall such an awesome product for its price. I feel like I’m Park Shin Hye (endorser of Holika Holika – LOL at being such a fan). I just love how it gives a certain glow that Koreans have been sporting. I do wish that it comes in darker shades so everyone can try it and realize how awesome it is.

2 ) Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Concealer (Shade #1)

I don’t really like using concealer because I feel I have too much on my face but this is an exception. The Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Concealer has become a part of my daily make-up routine because ever since I started working, I had been lacking sleep. I look really tired so I needed something to cover my dark under-eyes and pimples.

What impressed me:

The coverage. I like how it’s not as thick as most concealers. It’s basically a heavier version of the Aqua Petit Jelly BB. They go really well together!

The shade is very neutral. I have neutral undertones. I hated concealers that look too yellow or just too light for me. This one is just perfect.

It’s super affordable! For php275.00, you get this concealer that will last you forever!


It does get kind of messy. It annoys me when the product builds up on the lid screw.


This is an overall decent concealer. It comes in 2 shades. I got the lighter shade (#1) since I mostly use it to brighten any dark areas of my face. I will definitely keep on buying this unless I find a better one.

3 ) Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara 2 X #1 Volume and Curl

Another favorite from the bunch, the Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara x2 works wonders. I have close to non-existent lashes, therefore mascara is definitely a must for me. I got the it in No.1. It’s supposed to volumize and curl your lashes, while No.2 is for lengthening.

What impressed me:

The applicator. From the photo above, you can see that it looks different from the usual. The magic happens when you use the straight part to volumize and the round tip to separate and CURL your lashes. This is super convenient when you want to just magically look awake.

It’s light. Most mascaras really bother me. This makes me feel like I don’t have anything on. It enhances the natural look of my lashes. I’m mad about this.

It’s clean. No smudges, no clumps!~

It’s affordable. I know you can get a nice Maybelline Mascara for Php200-Php300. It’s cheap but I end up looking like a panda when I use it. This one costs Php535. Php535 for no panda eyes + pretty & natural looking lashes? Yes, please!

It isn’t waterproof, therefore easy too remove. I hated how stubborn waterproof mascaras are.


The tip of the applicator might be too flexible. I worry that it might break off each time I try to put it back inside the bottle.


I will definitely not get over how magical this thing works. I’m in love with this. It’s the perfect mascara for people who don’t want to look like they have mascara on.


Finally, here’s a photo of me before and after using the 3 Holika Holika products:

My goal each time I do my make up is to just look alive. Sometimes, I would put eyeliner on for bigger eyes and some pink/coral blush. For special occasions or when I just feel like it, I will put some eye shadow on as well (this used to be a part of my daily make-up when I was still working at a hotel).

This is how I achieve that glow that some people had asked me about. These 3 products play a huge role in my make-up routine. I will definitely update you when I change something. I hope you learned from this review. If you have any questions and suggestions, please feel free to comment below. <3