Pink Accent

by farrah

Pink Accent 1

To make your look less boring, sometimes all you need is a pop of color (well, if you were as simple as me). I was fortunate enough to own one of the most classic pair of New Balance out there. I got them from the US 2 years ago while I was looking for an anniversary gift for my boyfriend (whom I got the same style in navy).  And even after 2 years, they don’t look out of place.

When you’re already wearing these, thinking of what clothes to wear becomes easy – as easy as “I just had to wear something boring” (I really meant basic) to balance out the look. The key is to let the shoes get all the attention. It’s like wearing a plain LBD with a statement necklace.

Pink Accent 6

A basic piece from Happymallow to go with any awesome pair of kicks

Pink Accent 2

Have you noticed how most guys are all about shoes, shoes, shoes (ehem, Calel)!? They don’t need to put anything on their necks, wrists or ears to accessorize. All they need to get your attention is a pair of sexy sneakers – and they don’t ever have to sacrifice comfort for that.

(Happymallow top and bottom, H&M bag, New Balance sneakers)

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Jasmine Laurente January 25, 2016 - 11:14 pm

OMG your hair! So pretty!

Farrah Espina January 28, 2016 - 10:17 pm

Thanks, Jasmine!


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