Petite Jolie

by farrah


Say hello to my first ever jelly flats from Petite Jolie. I wasn’t very keen on the whole jelly shoes rage in the past ’cause they looked a little too casual for my preference. Well, not until I met this pair! I know you’re thinking how tita of me to choose something open-toe and bejewelled. But it’s really those two things that made this pair the most sophisticated jelly flats yet. And isn’t tita dressing becoming a thing recently? If you’re into that then these flats are perfect for you! I can’t stress out the comfort I experienced while wearing these for one whole day of walking. You guys know how much that matters to me. <3


flats by Petite Jolie (| top by Lovely Bunny PH | culottes by  GU | bag by Mango

Petite Jolie is available at all local Coalition stores.

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