Pamper Day at Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey Tomas Morato

by farrah

Last week, I paid a visit at Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey in Tomas Morato to get my hair recoloured and treated. In case you’re not familiar, Bangs Prime Salon is the upscale brand of the Korean local salon that started in 2001, Tony and Jackey. They offer top quality service by Korean hairstylists for you to achieve that Korean hairstyle.

As you know, I’ve had red hair for over a year now and to keep it really red, I have to go to the salon regularly to get it retouched. And usually if I want a change in hairstyle, I get it done at Bangs Prime Salon. I also did my last two hair color retouches at their branch in SM Fairview. What keeps me coming back is the quality of their service and naturally, as a K-everything fan, I just have to get my hair done at a Korean salon. Kkkk!~

I have a friend who’s been a frequent customer at their Tomas Morato branch for a very long time now so for a change, I decided to visit this branch for my salon day and I’m super glad I did!!

They offer a wide range of services for you to achieve that K-pop hairstyle: 1) cutting, 2) styling, 3) hair coloring, 4) perming, 5) rebonding and 6) treatment. They have 4 in-house Korean hairstylist and fortunately, their senior hairstylist, Mr. Dean, was there when I visited!

Here is my hair before everything. As you can see, it’s brassy, quite dry and my natural hair color is already showing up in the roots.

Here is my choice of color. Actually, I just told Mr. Dean that I want a nice red color then he suggested that he will mix a bit of the one on the right photo with the one on the left. I really appreciate that he suggested what he thought was gonna look good and he was confident about it so I trusted him. I think it’s a really good thing if you’re someone who wants a change but don’t really have anything specific in mind.

And so the hair coloring begins!~

First, they proceeded and colored my whole hair except for my roots. And to all those asking on IG, no bleaching occurred in the process! But I guess, since my hair was already colored in red for several times, it was easier for me to achieve my new color which you will see at the end of this post! *u*


After about 20-30minutes, they went for my roots. They left it on for around the same amount of time before rinsing!~

The staff were all so nice and friendly, btw!~ They all made sure that my whole hair was colored evenly.

And here’s what my hair looked like after rinsing! The redness is sooo beautiful I was so happy as this is, by far, my best red yet! <3

After rinsing, I decided to try their Mucota Scena Clinic Hair Treatment for the first time. The treatment consists of 6 steps which brought back the moisture of my hair and made it a lot shinier! <3 I highly recommend it if you have really damaged hair!

My hair after the treatment! <3 Looks so healthy, fresh and shiny! I was so surprised how much change it made on my hair. I washed it 2 days later. My hair felt so soft while I was massaging shampoo on it! It used to feel coarse.

I also got a trim since Mr. Dean suggested it. He actually mentioned it first before everything else. He said that my hair was a bit heavy on the back and the left and right sides are uneven. I didn’t even notice it! He’s super skilled. I highly recommend that you book him as your stylist. Like I swear, I never had a stylist as good as him! Just look at my hair! Never been this happy going out of a salon, lol!

Done after about 3 hours and it was worth it. I’m so happy with my hair! Thanks so much for the wonderful experience, Bangs Tomas Morato! Definitely, my new go-to branch! <3

You can visit Bangs Prime Salon by Tony and Jackey Tomas Morato at CTTM Square, 68 Tomas Morato Cor Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila. They’re open Mon-Sun, 10am-9pm.

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