#MyLipsButBetter Make-up Challenge (ft. Maybelline Lip Flush)

by farrah

lip flush 2

Woah, Maybelline is really stepping up their game in keeping up with make-up trends and I’m loving how they also take influence from Korean make-up! They came up with a new lip line, the Lip Flush by Color Sensational and recently, their very own BB Cushion (OMG!) which I’ve yet to try.

These Lip Flush lipsticks are similar to the Korean lip tints/balm tint that every Korean make-up store has a version of. Maybelline impressed me with the variety of colors of their Lip Flush – so yummy I just might eat them!

lip flush 5I got 5 of the shades available – 2 of which are pinks, 1 red and 1 coral!

lip flush 4

See how yummy looking? You can already tell that these are moisturizing!

lip flush 3

Swatch of the shades! L-R: PK04, OR01, CO01, PK02 & RD02

I was challenged by Maybelline to do a Korean-style make-up highlighting #mylipsbutbetter, inspired by Korean actresses’ light and natural look. As a korean make-up enthusiast, I gave ’em an easy #challengeaccepted. This look is basically my “weekend make-up” – makes you look made-up but nothing too over the top (’cause that’s just not me, lol). Now, let’s start!

Step 1: Foundation

First step is to try to make your skin look Korean. Moist, dewy and fair skin has been popular in Korea for the longest time so go for a cushion with a subtle dewy finish. Simply dab it all over your face and blend, blend, blend! We’re aiming for natural here so better keep it low on the coverage.

Step 2: Brows

Usually, when doing my make-up, I’d start from the top to the bottom so let’s pretty-fy the top which are the brows. I like to use this 2 way brow product: one side is liquid and the other side is powder.

Using the liquid side, just try to make your brows look straight (for a young and fresh look) by filling in the bald spots. Since my inner brows are almost non-existent, I’d draw some imaginary hair there by doing small feather-y strokes.

Koreans have soft looking brows. Applying the powder will soften the look of your brows. I’d just brush this all over my brows especially on the areas where I’d applied the liquid.

To keep your brows well-behaved and tinted, use a brow mascara. Since I have blonde hair, it is an absolute must! Make sure you are using the right color! Find out how I apply mascara here.

Step 3: Eyes

We’re not gonna do anything dramatic with the eyes. Using a nude color eyeshadow will give our eyes more depth. Apply this all over your lids as the base.

Looking at the photo, you might think that it doesn’t make that much difference but after applying eyeliner, you will know!

Let’s not forget those stubborn dark under-eyes. Apply concealer under your eyes like so then blend. I’d also put some on the side of my nose and over my blemishes.

Line your eyes all the way to the end of your brows. It’s okay to wing them downwards! This will make your eyes look longer and bigger – like Ulzzangs normally sport.

Since we’re a little heavy on the liner, we’re not gonna add volume to our lashes. A not-so-heavy lengthening mascara is our weapon of choice!

Step 4: Blush

Maybelline pink blush for that pink flush!~ Apply this from cheeks to ears!

Step 5: Lips

lip flush 1

And finally, LIP FLUSH time! <3 I chose two shades out of five for this look.

The eyeshadow I used is more on the warm side so I used the coral color (CO01) from the Lip Flush collection all over my lips. I love how moisturizing it feels!

lip flush 38

These Lip Flush lippies definitely made my lips look naturally better! <3 Hope you like this tutorial!

If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to drop a comment or two. 😉


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Carol Garcia July 9, 2016 - 11:26 am

Maybelline is love! That’s one of my favorite make-up brands. Very affordable. Plus Gigi Hadid is the new face of the brand. Yay! Also love the coral shade. It looks good on you. ?

Farrah July 11, 2016 - 9:13 am

Thanks Carol! <3


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