My October 2016 Favourites

by farrah


Time for another “Faves of the Month”! Wuhoo! This series has got to be the thing that I look forward to the most every month. This month’s faves feature products that I mostly used in Taiwan. Travelling is the best way to test a product, don’t you agree? There’s no way that you’re not gonna wear them for looong hours. Plus, all that walking? I should already know if I should keep using the stuff that I brought, lol. So here they are!

Heimish “dailism” Eye Palette in Cozy Coral

Another month, another Heimish product. As much as possible, I avoid buying eye shadow palettes ’cause I always end up getting something similar to the ones that I already have. I tend to lean towards warm orange-y colors and here’s yet another orange-y palette because why not? Hehe! They just really go well with my skin tone.

I’m sure that most of you aren’t familiar with this brand yet because they came out to the market not very long ago. I’ve used 2 of this brand’s products and so far I’m really impressed! It’s been a while since I bought a palette with many shades. My last one was Naked and I thought I wouldn’t buy anymore because it’s so awesome. But when I saw this on one of Jen’s (@meejmuse) Youtube videos, it was love at first sight! I had to get my Korean friend buy this for me. *.*

This comes in 6 different variances: 1) Lovesome Brink – Pink tones. Most popular! This got featured on Get It Beauty. 2) Balm Khaki – Cool nude and brown tones. 3) Brisk Grey – White, gray and black. 4) Breeze Beige – Your usual nudes and browns. 5) Blissful Plevy – Cool grayish blues. 6) Cozy Coral  – Coral tones.

The packaging reminds me of scientific calculators, but I love how it’s so compact (it’s about the size of my phone) – perfect for travelling. I can easily retouch my shimmers wherever I go (not like I have to, though). Plus, check out how big that mirror is! The brush is not bad either. The formula is so fine, it blends so easily. It’s not overly pigmented that if you’re a beginner, it’ll be easier to go little by little.


Ahhh! My most beautiful palette, yet! The colors on this are actually more on the cooler side so it’s quite different from the ones I have (yay!). I’d been really enjoying experimenting with this. It has become my every day palette. No need for retouches. The colors come out beautifully even without primer.


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the most beautiful shimmer shadow ever, Amaryllis. <3


On a typical day at the mall, I’d use the Gerbera shade as my base, Cotton Plant as my point color, Orange Flower as my transition and Amaryllis for glitter. YAAAS!

Where to buy:


Etude House Double Lasting Foundation


I’d been looking for a nice foundation with a semi-matte finish that I can use on events and this has been really working nicely. It’s honestly a tad bit lighter than my skin tone, so I use bronzer (which is also on this list) on the sides of my face to blend it out. This foundation is on the runny side but the coverage is like WOAH. If you’ve only been using BB cream/BB cushions like me, this is considered full coverage, lol!


For the first time, Etude House came out with a foundation with 5 different shades: Fair, Vanilla, Beige, Sand and Tan. But knowing Etude House whose base make-up always run brighter than it should, it’s honestly nothing to be excited about. Fair (which has a pinkish tone) is the lightest so imagine how light it must be. Vanilla, the second lightest, is I believe the yellow version of Fair. Beige, (my shade) the 3rd one is supposed to be lighter than the fourth, Sand. But after reading so many reviews, I learned that Sand is actually lighter. Beige is yellow-toned while Sand is pink. The fifth shade is called Tan but it’s not actually tan (ofc). Getting the correct shade is very important, ladies!

Despite it being lighter than my skin tone, I still really like this product. The finish is really semi-matte even in this humid country, lol. It does last very long like it claimed. I’d worn it while touring for more than 9 hours a day and it’s almost like nothing happened. It does have that Etude House scent which I’m not a huge fan of. I’m just really liking the finish of this.

Where to buy: Etude House local branches


Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 21 Skin

After this one shoot I had a couple of months ago, I got so interested with Artis make-up brushes. Well, I’m not a make-up pro so I got one that my budget can afford, lol. And of course, it had to be Korean. I’m so happy that I got this Etude House Secret Brush. There’s just so much to love about this. Applying foundation has become so easy. The design is so princessy! I just don’t get along well with normal foundation brushes, so it’s nice to finally find one that’s affordable and actually nice. Haha! I don’t use my hands when applying make-up anymore because of this.


This brush comes with 2 types of applicators: sponge and brush. I’ve only ever used the brush but I’m already so satisfied. The bristles are so soft and dense. It creates a flawless finish! I use this to apply my Double Lasting foundation and my bb creams! Note that runny liquid foundations might get streaky with this. Still, love this. <3

Where to buy: Etude House local branches


Etude House Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips Juicy (PK14)


My love for lip tints will never be replaced. I already mentioned this from my Etude House Mini Haul. I’d been obsessed with this since I first tried it. I try hard not to use this as often as I currently do, but it’s just so good!


The color is sooo cute! It feels nice on the lips. It’s not drying and doesn’t settle in the cracks of my lips. I can’t stop sniffing this ’cause it smells like candies. I also use this on my cheeks and it creates a nice flushed cheeks look. I don’t even have to reapply this on my cheeks.

Where to buy: Etude House local branches


Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder


I know I just had the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder in my last favorites post, but I’d like to point out that there’s another powder in the market that’s just as good. I remember Sunny (@sunnydahye) mentioning this in several of her videos so it got me really curious. It’s just a nice loose clear powder with a peach scent.


This is so good at oil control. If there’s any reason for you to try this over the Innisfree one, it’s that this controls oil longer. I would only apply this once every day, while the Innisfree would require me to reapply after 6-7 hours. Well, it would make sense once you check the price, hehe!


Both leave a little bit of white cast when applied. They’re also both good at setting my base make-up. The big difference is that this is available locally while the Innisfree one is not.

Where to buy: Skinfood local branches


Memebox Pony Shine Easy Glam 3


I’m a huge fan of Pony! I’ve always wanted to try Memebox products and finally here it is! First of all, can we talk about the packaging? It definitely shouts GLAM like it’s name (Shine Easy Glam, lol). I have to be honest, though. I’m quite biased with products that have something to do with Pony. This quad eyeshadow palette is not particularly special but it’s not bad. It’s best for people who likes to do light everyday make-up.


Like most quad eyeshadow palettes in Korea, the Pony Shine Easy Glam 3 comes in brown-based, pink-based and orange-based variants: Brown Bloom, Pink Bloom and Orange Bloom. I got the Pink Bloom since I don’t really have many pinks yet.


I have to warn you that the top shades are just straight out glitter. They’re super sheer. So if you’re a fan of pigmented eyeshadows, I don’t recommend getting this palette. The only real colors on this palette are the Shine Easy Pink and Shine Ash Brown (my fave) shades. They’re still quite sheer, though. I guess since I’m okay with the sheerness and I usually go for light eye make-up looks anyway, this palette really works for me. I’m particularly in love with the 2 colors on the bottomThey’re soooo pretty!

Where to buy: @seoulfindsmnl


Too Cool For School Artclass By Rodin Contour


Contouring has become a hot topic in South Korea this year especially when this contour palette was released. This palette is perfect for Asian skin tone, especially for the paler ones, I would say. The colors are just sooo natural. The formula is super smooth. It’s so easy to apply and blend. It also doesn’t even cost that much!


The tone of the browns on this is ashy which is probably why it’s so popular. The colors just go so naturally with Asian skin! This product excites me the most on this list! Imagine me looking forward to contouring whenever I do my make-up. It never happened until this came along!


Super natural shades! I’m obsessed!

Where to buy: @seoulfindsmnl


Cure Natural Aqua Gel & Cure Water Treatment


These products are the best things that happened to my daily skincare. The only Japanese products on this list are my saviors!

I’d been in the hunt for a mild exfoliator for a very long time so I can finally post about my most requested skincare routine and this really just finished the list! I know that the Cure Aqua Gel has been in the local market for years already but I only thought of trying it a month ago (lol). I’m always about gentle or mild or natural on the skin so this really felt like finding a treasure. *.*

This product  is just amazing. It’s been constantly on Japan’s top beauty charts and I can easily understand why. It’s probably the most gentle exfoliator out there! It’s made of 90% hydrogen water and it fights any skin problems. It can be used  by people with any skin type without any harm – not only on the face but also the body! It gets rid of your dead skin cells by applying then rubbing it against your skin. *.* (see pic below)


Ewwww, dead skin! I know! You probably have a lot, too. (/half kidding) And you’ll know once you try this! It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after wash. *.*

I’d been constantly changing my moisturizer for the longest time and this product made me change again, lol. I hope this’ll be the last before another one comes in. I’m sure it’s gonna take a while!~

This Cure Water Treatment is just overall fantastic. It is a moisturizing skin cream originally made for the staff members of TOYO Life (manufacturer of Cure) who suffered from dry hands from opening cardboard boxes every day. The product was so good that they eventually shared it for everyone to try. It has harmless silicone that protects the skin by locking moisture in the body. I simply apply a small amount of this on the area that needs moisture. Once absorbed by the skin, the excess cream will turn into watery droplets – so cool. *.* (See pic below)


I love using this on my face. It’s super gentle yet leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. It doesn’t only re-hydrate the skin but also keeps it from dehydrating! You’d definitely feel it absorbed in your skin but it doesn’t give you that heavy feeling that moisturizing lotions do. *.*

Where to buy: Beauty Bar stores

That’s it for this month’s faves! Whew! Hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to comment if you have products that you want me to try. <3


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Shaunne November 15, 2016 - 5:52 pm

That Heimish palette is just gorgeous! The colors are very usable for every day and I agree, this palette seems very beginner-friendly. Love this post! x

Farrah November 16, 2016 - 9:44 am

Yay! Glad you agree! Thanks Shaunne! <3

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