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by farrah

Hear ye! Hear ye! Another of my skincare holy grails is finally here! If you’re still on the look for the best sheet mask out there, the search is finally over. Let me introduce you to this amazing Taiwanese skincare brand, My Beauty Diary. (I swear, you’re gonna thank me later for this. Lol! XD) Their sheet masks are only #1 in Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. And guess what? You can now purchase them at 7-Eleven here in Manila! YES!!!

I previously mentioned this brand on this post right here. I have loved it ever since! My Beauty Diary is definitely a brand that has mastered the art of making the best of the best sheet masks. If you are here and still skeptic about sheet masks, maybe it’s time that you really give it a chance because you’re definitely missing out! Like seriously. Sheet masks are a quick solution when your skin needs a boost. They give immediate results and they’re FUN!

I’m so happy to share with you that we can now easily access two of My Beauty Diary’s best-selling sheet masks: 1) Black Pearl Mask (for brightening and moisturizing) & 2) Arbutin Brightening Sheet Mask (for whitening and firming). And guess what? Each piece just retails for 89php :O

Whenever I get asked by my friends what sheet masks to try, the first that I always mention is this particular sheet mask right here. The My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask is a classic go-to. It is MBD’s all-time best-seller. And I will be reviewing it for you guys today! 🙂

I would use this the night before an event and I would always wake up to a way better skin condition. It effectively brightens and moisturizes the skin – makes your make-up stick and apply better the next day. Plus, you’ll notice that your skin is extra glow-y! *o* Now, let’s apply it on to the skin!

I would apply this at the end of my skincare routine (after moisturizing) to lock in all the skincare that I had put on my face. When I’m lazy, I would just put this on right after cleansing then done! No problem! Lol!

Here’s the sheet mask, folded and dripping in serum! YAS. It doesn’t dry out quickly, too. Some sheet masks get a bit dry even before the maximum recommended time. This one stays wet even after 20mins, but of course, you should not go beyond the max. recommended time as it loses its effect.

The serum is very gentle. It gives me no stinging feeling whatsoever. It has a bit of a cooling effect which feels very nice. It also soothes acnes and gets rid of redness on your skin. It just makes your skin look healthier and better in general!~

And as you can see, the mask is super thin which makes it feel light and comfortable on the skin. And if you ever noticed, some sheet masks are a just bit too big on your face. This one fits nice and the holes are in the right places (except that I failed to put this one on properly because honestly, I didn’t use a mirror when I applied this on for this photo, lol!).

And here’s the before and after! :O As you can see I have a bit of redness on the before side which is all gone on the after side! My skin looks brighter, more hydrated and healthier. It’s definitely one of the best sheet masks out there! 🙂 What can you say? Are you going to give it a try, too? 🙂

*My Beauty Diary’s sheet masks are available across 1,300 7-Eleven stores in Luzon.

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