by farrah

Pale 1

Why I go for muted colors? Beats me. It’s involuntary. Even though people had been telling me that my skin is already pale, I’d still opt for pale ensembles like this. It can be some sort of camouflage now that I think about it. It doesn’t stand out, but hey, I like it. I think that’s all that matters. People will just have to get used to it. So don’t be afraid to express yourself and your fashion. 🙂

Pale 2

It totally blends in the gloomy weather. I’m honestly not a fan of the rain ’cause it limits you to do outdoor stuff but since it had been scorching hot, I don’t mind anymore. It makes me wanna stay indoors and watch my K-dramas but ain’t got no time for that anymore. Welcome to the world of #adulting, self. Lol.

Pale 5

These Muybien Bonita flats easily fit right in my style – comfy (like I’m wearing slippers) with a subtle girly-ness. Lace up flats are huge right now, fills my heart with delight!

Pale 4

Pale 7

Pale 6

top by Dorothy Perkins | skirt by | shoes by Muybien Bonita | bag by Mango


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Jewel July 4, 2016 - 7:30 pm

Hi Farrah, how did you edit your photos? VSCO or you use photoshop pa? Thank you! 🙂

Farrah July 7, 2016 - 9:48 pm

I use Photoshop + Lightroom 😉


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