Maybelline: Ultimatte Face Off

by farrah

Maybelline 2


A month ago, Maybelline introduced their new product, Maybelline Superfresh Matte Compact Powder. I was invited to take on the #UltiMatteFaceOff featuring this new compact powder. It’s supposed to absorb oil and sweat like nothing happened. The typical curious me accepted the challenge!

All I had to do was spray water on brands x, y, z compact powders VS. the Maybelline Superfresh one and swatch them on my hand afterwards.

See how brand x, brand y and brand z reacted to the water? They smeared! I’m the type to sweat easily so just imagine if I were using any of the powders above. *Whew* Last time I used compact powders was way back in high school, I think. (Of course, it was Maybelline!) I don’t remember how it looked like after PE class. I really didn’t care  back then but one day, puberty made me realize that I needed something to cover up those annoying pimples popping out like mushrooms.

Maybelline Superfresh

TA-DAHH! Compared to brands x, y  and z, the Superfresh powder performed really well despite being mixed with water. It stayed dry and blended properly. This is really making me want to rethink about my daily make-up routine. A.MA.ZING. Maybelline went like “bring it on!” and SLAYED with this. Lol. Plus, the matte-ness beats oily-ness!

Maybelline 3

This powder just earned its space in my small make-up bag! Now, why don’t you try & head over to the nearest Maybelline branch and take on the challenge?

Maybelline is available at all Watsons and selected department stores.

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