May 2017 Favourites

by farrah

It’s that time of the month again! Time flies fast. *.* We’re already halfway through the end of the year! Wow!

Anywho, we have a lot for my faves of May! I’ve been trying more and more beauty products as time goes by. There’s so many new good stuff coming out that my wallet can no longer keep up!

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get to the topic.



I’d been wanting to try Dear Klairs skincare for the longest time ’cause I’d been hearing really nice things about this brand and I really liked their Mochi Cushion. The only thing that was stopping me is that they’re a little more expensive than what I’m used to, so I wasn’t very keen on it. Thanks to @koreanchingu2, I finally got to try some of them and now I honestly think that they’re really worth investing on as they make sure that their products are safe for everyone! No alcohol, no parabens, and absolutely no artificial ingredients! *.*

Out of the 3 Dear Klairs products on this month’s fave, I’ve been enjoying this toner the most. It’s so gentle that I now do toners am and pm (used to be pm only, hehe). I used to think that toners can be quite harsh and can dry out your skin, but this is one of those that do not. I haven’t tried a toner this gentle! I can layer this on and on without feeling any irritation. I use this to do the 7 skin method.

This toner preps your skin and helps in the absorption of the next products on your routine. It has this mild herby scent that I’m obsessed with. It feels very light and soothing on the skin. I would put 2-3 drops of this on my hand then pat it on my face. I’d been doing this for a few weeks now and my skin hasn’t looked as nourished! No surprise there as this does contain so many good stuff like hyaluronic acid, aloe veracentella asiatica and althaea rosea flower.

It’s consistency is almost like water but not as watery as most toners. You can apply this using your hands or a cotton pad. I prefer using my hands to really make the most of the product’s moisture. For removing dirt, you may opt to use a cotton pad. Since I already have my CosRx pimple pads, I don’t really do the latter.

I can only say good things about this toner as it really is as good as people are saying. And honestly, this can be holy grail levels for me.

Where to get: @koreanchingu2 (P850.00)



I haven’t been pleased with cleansers other than my ride-or-die, Good Morning Cleanser. The Dear Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser comes close to it, though! *.* I have to keep using it to see if it can even beat it!

This cleanser foams but doesn’t dry at all! As you can see on the bottle, it balances your skin’s pH level – which cleansers these days should just do. Our skin is naturally slightly acidic and should stay like that after we wash our faces. Cleansers should strip off your excess oils only; not the natural oils.

This is a really good example of a good cleanser! People with dry skin like me who like foaming cleansers will really enjoy this! It really moisturizes and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like a paper after using it.

This cleanser doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. As you can see above, they’re mostly, if not all, botanical. It smells very botanical, too! Just the way I like it. *.* It’s hypoallergenic and contains some good ol’ hyaluronic acid! People with sensitive skin will also surely enjoy this. It may foam, but it feels very light on the skin.

It’s an overall very good cleanser! If there’s one thing that I don’t like about it, it’s that it doesn’t remove make-up as good as my Good Morning Cleanser. It can clear out your pores and help get rid of pimples since it has tea tree oil but it can’t really help remove your eye makeup. I honestly don’t mind, though, because ingredients-wise, this definitely has waaaay better ingredients especially if you have sensitive skin. So, if you don’t wear that much makeup anyway and you have the budget, you definitely have to try this!

Where to buy: @koreanchingu2 (P820.00)



A long time bestseller by Dear Klairs! This is a gel-type serum that moisturizes and effectively soothes the skin. You will immediately get a cooling feeling after using this. It feels sooo good and hydrating on the skin. I do feel that it’s effective in making my skin look more supple and soft.

This serum is actually meant for people with sensitive skin but it really helps me with my redness and any irritation that I get from trying new products so it deserves to be in this month’s favourites! *.*

It’s consistency is thick but not sticky. And once you spread it out, you’d find it immediately being absorbed into your skin! *.* I highly recommend it for people with sensitive skin. It’s honestly not something that I need in my daily routine, but it really helps my skin look and feel generally better. 🙂

Where to buy: @koreanchingu2 (P1000.00)



Nothing soothes better than good ol’ aloe vera. We’ve seen aloe vera products with 92% or 98% or 99% aloe vera but never have I ever seen one with 100%. That alone makes this product just amazing! *.*

Esfolio is a new brand that just debuted in the Philippines. They sent me a lot of their products and this is the first that I tried from the bunch. I’m already really loving this so I have high hopes for the next ones. The aloe vera in this one definitely feels 100%. It feels sooo soothing and refreshing on the skin.

I do wish, though, that the mist were finer. It sprays like “in your face”. Lol!

Where to buy: Esfolio website (P280.00)



If you’re a fan of a nice dewy base finish, you are gonna love this blush! I used to not believe in cushion blushes but this by far, really amazed me. <3 This cushion blush just looks so STUNNING on the cheeks. It blends so easily. It gives a nice pigment on the cheeks while not overdoing it.

I’m not sure about the other shades but this one, in Rose Affair, is just slaying my soul. This gives that really beautiful peach glow on the cheeks. Powder blushes can be too powdery which can therefore mattify your cheeks. If you want to keep things dewy and glowy, this is the perfect blush. *.*

It looks very much like the color came from within your skin!

I’m so obsessed with it! I wish it would last longer, though. It’s a common problem when it comes to cushion blushes. However, this lasts relatively longer than others. 🙂

Where to buy: All L’Oreal Kiosks at Department Stores, Lazada (P900.00)



For matte-lovers, this blush is for you! I’ve been really enjoying this as it’s almost like the matte version of the L’Oreal Glow Cushion Blush in Rose Affair, except that I’m sure that this’ll last me longer and the packaging is just BOMB!

Look at that puff – soooo cute! I don’t use it, though. I just leave it for some kawaii. Hehe! I really love how easy it is to apply. It’s pigmented. It’s not patchy at all. It’s very easy to blend. It’s powdery but not chalky. Doesn’t fall out either.

This is my kind of shade! It can go well with many eye looks! *.*

Where to buy: Japan (P625.00)



I’ve always been aware of how awesome Peri’s Inks are. Well, if you haven’t heard, Peripera is only the best at making lip tints in South Korea (imo) and a big YAY that they’re now in the Philippines!! At some point in my life, I forgot how good these are! I hate myself for it! So many new cool tints just keep on coming. Some I find too gimmicky (ehem, peel off tints). Some are revolutionary (like Labiotte!). But in the end, I would always find myself thinking, “Ehh, Peri’s still better.” The hype is no joke with these. They literally are the best.

There are 3 Peripera lippies on this month’s favourites! Since they have finally come to Manila, I found myself obsessing over Peripera tints again. The first two lippies are: 1) Peripera The Original Ink in #2  and 2) Peripera Airy Velvet Ink in #5

(top: Airy Velvet Ink in #5; bottom: The Original Ink in #2)

(Airy Velvet Ink in #5)

I already featured the Airy Velvet Ink in #2 in last month’s faves. For the month of May, I reached for the #5 more. I’m a sucker for a nice my-lips-but-better shade. This is one is a perfect example. It gives you the right amount of pigment. I love its velvety matte finish. Since it’s a tint, it’s not very opaque. It just turns your lips into this really pretty color. *.* Like the #2, it’s quite long-lasting. 🙂

Where to buy: Coming soon at Club Clio PH *fingers crossed, Shopee

(The Original Ink in #2) 

I had this before but I lost it! I remember really liking this so I had to pick it up during Club Clio PH’s launch. It’s just sooo pretty and pigmented! This shade is in between pink and red which I adore ’cause I haven’t found a shade like it in other brands. The quality of the formula is sooo good. It’s not as opaque as the Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, but this wins at moisture and significantly lasts longer.

Where to buy: Club Clio PH (P450.00)



When something smells like grapefruit, I just gotta have it!! Also been very intrigued with cushion pen stick products. Recently, I’ve seen concealers, contour, eyeshadows and highlighter in this form, so when I found this at Club Clio, it easily caught my attention. It’s basically a tint that comes out when you click it. *.*

Honestly, this is quite sheer when swatch-ed on my hand but when applied on the lips, it gives you this beautiful my-lips-but-better shade. Whenever I want to tone things down on my lips (i.e. eye makeup is a little heavy) or whenever I want to keep things minimal/natural, this is what I reach for. It’s very natural looking. It feels velvety. It doesn’t give you that much shine while it’s not matte either.

It’s not very long-lasting but I find it amusing to apply. *.*

Where to buy: Club Clio PH (P550.00), Zalora (P550.00)



Finally a straight up peach nude shade lippie from my fave local brand! And it’s one that is not as dark as the others. Wuhoo! This lippie is part of Happy Skin’s new lippie shades release just last month and I did a blog post about it here.



Huwa! It’s the perfect Farrah transition shade and it’s unlike other Korean eye shadows! We all know Korean eye shadows aren’t that pigmented and now I know where to get some decent pigment. I originally was going to pick-up one of their eyeshadow palettes but when I swatch-ed them, they didn’t really wow me. I have learned my lesson with Korean eyeshadow palettes – ehem, Memebox! I just wish this was a bit cheaper. ;_; One costs P450.00! Well, Clio is actually quite high-end so I understand.

It’s matte and so opaque! I’m shookt. <3

Where to buy: Club Clio PH (P450.00)


I picked this one up by mistake. I really wanted to get the Pro Artist Liquid Concealer but I failed ’cause in the box they looked so much alike. ;_; I ended up still liking this, though! It’s not as high coverage as I wanted it to be but it does a pretty good job at concealing my eye bags.

It’s not as dry as other stick concealers which I like and it feels very light on the skin. I feel like it lets my under eye breathe, lol!

I don’t honestly like to spend that much on concealer. I’m usually okay with it if it ranges from 200 to 500 pesos on concealer but I easily noticed the difference of quality of this compared to the cheaper ones that I’ve tried. It’s so soft, creamy and super easy to blend out. It doesn’t really move or anything throughout the day, too.

I’ve also been enjoying the Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion, but I wanted to do a full review of it. If you want to see that, let me know in the comments. ^^

Goodbye eye bags! *.*

Where to buy: Club Clio PH (P820.00)


Say hello to one of the products from Happy Skin’s Eye Woke Up Like This collection which I already talked about here.

I don’t really have to say much about it except that this thing applies like butter! It’s not overly pigmented which I love since I’m not really in to instagram bold eyebrowsI pretty much said everything on this video.

Where to buy: Happy Skin (P699.00)


I’ve also mentioned everything about this on my video here. It’s an overall really nice product. It’s rose gold finish is stunning. The blue silicon made even more stunning. And it’s extra wide so you can really get those really short lashes. *.*

Where to buy: Happy Skin (P499.00)



I really enjoyed this mascara. It’s the first ever bristle-free in the Philippines and I was so surprised to see how nice it worked! *.*

WOAH! So cool, right? It gives some really nice length and volume to the lashes while still looking so natural. I just wish that this was more matte, but I already really like it. It’s waterproof. Doesn’t smudge or flake. I specifically enjoy how I don’t have to worry about making a mess with it since it doesn’t have bristles! *.*

I don’t suggest building this up too much as it can get spidery and you can’t really comb it with anything ’cause the wand has no bristles. >.<

Where to buy: Happy Skin (P999.00)



I randomly passed by the department store to see if they have any nice eye pencils and found this gem! Okay, the main reason why I got this is that I was kind of iffy about spending so much on just a pencil since the last I bought from The Face Shop (which I featured here) was just at P175.00. The reason I was looking for a new one was that the TFS one dries so quickly. It didn’t really give me enough time to smudge my liner further. >.< It was really nice but I wanted an even smudged eyeliner effect, so I got this!

AND OMAHGAHH YOU GUYS. THIS THING IS SOOO CREAMY. It dries up pretty solid but it’s really creamy when you apply it and YES, it gave me more time to really smudge it out, lol! I use this on my upper waterline which amazingly doesn’t fall off and smudge on my under eye area. YAY! I’m just not the biggest fan of the packaging. Kkkk~

Nice, right? Wuhoo!

Where to buy: SM Store (P375.00)



Finally got to try this! YAAAY! You guys already know by now how much I’m more in to brown eyeliners than black ones. I just find them more flattering if you’re going for a soft look which is me 24/7. Hehe! I love love love this eyeliner. It’s easily my new ultimate fave. Let’s just see if how long this will last me but I’m kind of in that state of liking something so much that you want to use it as less as possible because it’s just so precious, lololol? I know I can always buy a new one but I honestly get iffy about buying new pen liners since they’re quite pricey – the ones I really like at least a.k.a. Dolly Wink and K-Palette. Kkkk~

It’s tip is not too long nor too short. *thumbs up* The formula is very opaque and applies similarly to the Dolly Wink one – not very watery or loose (if that makes sense).

It sits pretty solid on the eyes and doesn’t fade after a long day of wearing it.

Hohoho, I totally messed up my eyeliner on the right side. Forgive me – I just had coffee while shooting this. Kkk!~

Where to buy: Club Clio PH (P790.00)

*This is not a sponsored post. Some of the products were just given to me for reviewing purposes. These are all my honest opinion.




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