Let's Talk Cushions 1

It’s a new Chinese year and I have officially graduated from the use of my beloved BB creams (still crazy about my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB, though).

Nowadays, I completely rely on my BB/CC cushions for my base make-up. Being a working girl, anything that makes prepping up faster, the better! Cushions are super quick, easy to use and more controllable.

This review will be about five of my BB/CC cushions. I will enumerate them from my least favorite to the most. Still, choosing the right cushion for you depends on your preference. These are just my opinion but I hope it will help you find the one for you! 😉

First, let me show you swatches of all the cushions for easier comparison.

Cushion Swatch

Okay – that probably didn’t help. It’s so hard to take photos of the swatches as they’re too sheer to be seen on the photo. The good thing about cushions is that if you want a natural look you can easily evenly apply a nice thin layer on your face, but on days that your skin wouldn’t cooperate, you can build it up by adding 2-3 more layers! Before I start the review, let me just give you an fyi. If you’re wondering why bb/cc creams/cushions often leave a white cast/residue, it’s due to the SPF properties they contain which may become super bothersome. Under certain lightings the residue can make your face look too white compared to your neck. This has been my major problem with cushions therefore for some brands, you will really have to get a darker shade than your usual. Now, let’s start!

April Skin Magic Snow White Cushion (in shade #21)

This cushion is the current rage in South Korea. I’d been seeing tons of April Skin videos all over Facebook and decided to try it out of curiosity! The product claims that you will MAGICALLY achieve a white and flawless skin like Korean celebrities when you put this on. This was even featured on TV. I must say, I am really amazed with this product. It is definitely like magic. Google before and after pics! Mine is below but I don’t think it’s enough to convince you. Lol.

SPF: 50+

Scent: None

2 types: 1) Coverage (Black) 2) Moisture (White). My sister got me the white one since she said that it’s better for dry skin. The black one is supposed to be for oily skin types.

3 shades: #21 Light Beige, #22 Pink Beige, #23 Natural Beige- I got it in shade #21 which is my default BB cream shade. I hated it when my foundation looks dark on me but this cushion makes me look like a VAMPIRE. I didn’t know that the white one was meant to really whiten your face so I ended up giving this away to my shobe since her skin is vampire-ish.

Coverage/Finish: I feel like flawless and white as paper Joy of Red Velvet when wearing this. It definitely gives you a Korean celebrity-like skin, pale and dewy! One application is enough for half of your face! However, it is a little too heavy for my preference. It’s almost like putting on a solid layer of something on your face. Since it focuses on moisturizing, it’s kind of sticky once you put it on and becomes stickier at the end of the day in this hot and humid country.

Packaging: It’s the least appealing on this list. This product boasts a “double cushion” technology, ergo doesn’t come with a refill (like most cushions) when you buy it. If you zoom in on the second photo, you will notice that the cushion is curved (effect of the double cushion). Just one press of the sponge against the cushion gives a generous amount of the product already. It’s cool but might be quite bothersome since it stains the cap that covers the cushion.

Price: $$

Where to get this: Online

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cushion (in shade #21)

I won this from Banila Co. Philippines’ giveaway last January. It came with the Primer Blur and the Clean It Zero. I’m so happy that this brand is already locally available. All their products look so promising! They’re very known for their CC products/primers which I’m not very fond of so congratulate me for trying something new here. Been meaning to try their products, though, because my fashion icon, Jessica (of SNSD), used to be their model. Sorry for being shallow!

SPF: 50+

Scent: Mild

3 shades: BE 10 Light Beige, BE 15 Pink Beige, BE20 Honey Beige- I rarely use CC products so I had let the store clerk choose the correct shade for me. She gave me the BE10 one which unfortunately is too white on me. *cries* It would probably go up a rank on my list if I got the right shade because this product is so nice- just look at the photo!

Coverage/Finish: This cushion does a VERY good job in making my face look so moisturized but not oily. I definitely recommend this for people with dry face. Just be careful with the shade. It has the most perfect moist finish. The coverage is obviously light since cc cushions are meant to even out your skin while giving it a nice dewy glow. It is buildable and can do a decent cover job but it’s not for people who wants coverage.

Packaging: Cutest packaging on this list! I like how Banila Co. is so minimalist yet so cute when it comes to their packaging! I wish the sponge wasn’t white, though, because you can’t really see how much product it absorbed already. It comes with a refill.

Price: $$$

Where to get this: Available at local Banila Co. outlets in Glorietta and Trinoma

Overall Rating: 4.0/5


Laneige Pore Control Cushion (in shade #13)

I already talked about this product on a previous post. Update? I’m still in love with this product!

SPF: 50+

Scent: Mild

2 types: 1) Normal 2) Pore Cover. I got the pore control one due to its semi-mattifying effect. I wanted something natural looking so all I really needed is to cover any minor facial enemies like enlarged pores, pimples, redness etc.

3 shades: #13 True Beige, #21 Pink Beige, #23 Natural Beige- I got it in shade #13 which is just right for me.

Coverage/Finish: As a friend of mind would put it, applying this cushion is like wearing a second skin – a better one. She told me how it looks super natural on me. It definitely covered my pores and redness. I don’t think it can cover up acne really well, though. The coverage is light that lasts you the whole day. It’s perfect for those “kinis” days when you just want to enhance your look. It does the job but not quite, so concealer might still be needed. But, no need for touch ups on this one as it’ll last you all afternoon. As expected from an Amore Pacific brand!

Packaging: One of the prettiest when it comes to packaging, probably my favorite! The sponge is the bomb. I like blue sponges. They help blend the product better for some reason. It comes with a refill.

Price: $$$

Where to get this: Available at local Laneige stores

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Iope Air Cushion xp Matte (in shade #21)

First heard about this from my favorite beauty vlogger, Jen. Iope is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cushions. Before I got this, I wanted the Hera UV Mist Cushion which is supposed to be no.1 in Korea but thought that it was too expensive so I decided to go with no. 2. I had my cousin get this for me when he flew to Korea.

SPF: 50+

Scent: Strong (annoyingly)

3 types: 1) Natural 2) Cover 3) Matte. I chose the M series because I remember my fave, Jen, mentioning in one of her vidoes that the normal ones might get too moist if you lived in humid countries. It’s a good addition to my collection since most of my cushions/bb creams are either moist or semi-matte.

2 shades: #21, #23. Good move in choosing #21! The white cast on this one is nowhere to be seen. Another point for Amore Pacific!

Coverage/Finish: Awesome coverage! Medium- heavy. But, I don’t suggest building it up too much. It does get cake-y along the lines. I also don’t advise using this when you have dry patches. It can get really ugly. Moisturizing is a MUST if you want to use this. (I’ll show you how I do it on my next beauty post.) Or you can just get the natural or cover ones. But, overall, it’s one of the BEST cushions out there. Been using this almost everyday to work since I got it.

Packaging: Decent packaging. It probably has the same sponge as the Laneige one. It comes with a refill.

Price: $$$

Where to get this: Althea Korea

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Hera UV Mist Cushion (in shade #21)

Here I am despite saying that this was too expensive. I had been itching like I’m allergic to everything to buy this cushion since I’ve heard so many good things about it. Too many, actually! I finally got the chance when Althea Korea emailed me. My happiness cannot be contained! K-beauty is now within our reach. <3

SPF: 50+

Scent: In between mild and strong – it smells so pretty *.*

2 types: 1) Natural 2) Cover – Went for cover since I already have the Laneige one as my default natural cushion.

3 shades: #13 Cool Ivory, #21 Cool Vanilla, #23 Cool Beige. Got this in #21! Also one of the few products where I got my shade right! Thanks to my bb cream shade reference. The name of the shade, Cool Vanilla, is a little misleading, though. Looking at the photo of the swatches, you can say that this one is more on the warm side- which I like. I think warm tones look better on my neutral undertones.

Coverage/Finish: Medium – Heavy. This is a little lighter than the Iope one. You will still have to use concealer on those lumps and bumps. BUT, I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS. It is every thing I have dreamed about in a cushion. I love how this makes my skin look almost perfect. No exaggeration there. It is a little dewy but it doesn’t make my face look like you can fry something on it at the end of the day. I really like cushions that doesn’t require you to touch-up- this one included. This cushion is magical! They should call it HERA PERFECT MAGIC *insert all good things here* CUSHION. Lol! I’m such a fan. This is officially my holy grail cushion. I’d only wear it on special occassions. <3

Packaging: You can already say that this is a good product judging from the packaging. It also comes with a refill.

Price: $$$$

Where to get this: Althea Korea

Overall Rating: 5/5

That’s it for this review. I hope this helps you in choosing which bb/cc cushion to invest on. Remember not to just choose the right shade but also ALWAYS consider your skin type. Finding the best bb/cc cushion for you is a series of trials and errors. Let me know if you have any questions and suggestions by dropping a comment! Next up is my simple daily skincare routine! *wink*

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