Lazada Online Revolution

by farrah

Christmas is almost here! I’m sure many of you are already hunting for gifts for your office or school exchange gifts. I know it can be difficult when you need to follow a wish list. Sure, it’s fun searching for gifts in stores but when you still have deadlines to meet, there’s really no helping it.

Online shopping has always been my best friend when I need something specific and quick! I got disappointed that I didn’t get to buy the camera accessories that I wanted from my last trip abroad so I thought of treating myself by buying them online. First that came to mind was LAZADA. They have everything – from girly girl things like beauty products to guy stuff like gaming consoles! I was sure that they have what I was looking for.


And they sure did! I’m so happy that I checked Lazada, I finally got the camera accessories that I wanted! *.* I got a leather case for my Sony A6000 for P790.00 and a tripod for P945.00 only. I’m beyond satisfied!

Shopping was super easy. I just searched the things that I wanted on their site, then appeared a hundred results! So many people shop at Lazada that you will find quite a number of honest reviews of the products as well. It’ll help you filter the results! If you’re not used to online shopping, reviews are where your final decisions lie. Hehe!


The reviews helped me decide on getting this camera case. I couldn’t be happier! Checking out was super fast and easy. I like how I got notifications whenever there’s an update about my order. I got a confirmation email once I paid, then I also received an email when my orders were already shipped. My camera case and tripod came from 2 different suppliers so naturally, they were sent to me separately. In the email they sent, it said that I was supposed to receive my camera case and tripod on 2-7 December and 9-13 November respectively. However, I ended up getting them earlier than expected! (YAY!)


My new awesome super affordable tripod! You can easily bring it wherever you go since it’s very light. It comes with a bluetooth remote and a phone holder that you can screw in in case you want to use your phone for snapping. It’s quite sturdy, too! Definitely worth the money. I also got a notification when I received my order which helps when you’re not at home. You’ll know if someone received it for you. It saves you from all the worries.


Thanks Clozette and Lazada I finally got the camera accessories that I’ve always wanted as early Christmas gifts to myself! <3

Now why don’t you also treat yourself? 🙂

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