Wear Your Happiness

by farrah

Despite the title of my blog, Happiness, etc., I am not actually the most positive person you’ll know. We’re all humans but I believe in happiness being a choice. I used to hate Mondays – A LOT. I’d woken up scratching my head with the grumpiest expression on my face. Monday mornings used to be sitting on my office chair while refusing to talk anyone. One day, I realized that it didn’t really get me anywhere so why hate Mondays? I found one way to get rid of the hatred. And that is through wearing something I felt extra good in. I thought that instead of wearing them on my favorite, Friday, why not on Monday to balance it out?

For some people, the way they look often affect their mood. It’s not a bad thing because it really makes a difference when you’re comfortable and happy with what you are wearing. Imagine wearing sneakers without socks! How would that make you feel?!

Lace Gingham (3)

LACE + GINGHAM, two of my favorite things, a match made in heaven! Wearing these made me want to jump all day- not off a building (LOL) but out of pure happiness! <3

lace gingham (2)

Your week doesn’t have to end perfectly but you always have the choice to start the next one positively! A very effective way is by forcing out a smile as soon as you wake up. Try it! Smile and wear something nice!~

Mango top & shorts, Payless shoes, Kate Spade Saturday bags

Photos by Sansan Espina


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Sephie Rojas February 3, 2016 - 11:17 am

Same!! Happiness is a choice, which for me, is usually made after a cup of coffee in the morning, haha! Also, sometimes you need a few reminders to stay happy and positive too, since you’re not expected to always be happy. It helps to be surrounded by positive people 😉

Farrah February 3, 2016 - 1:02 pm

Truelaloo! Coffee is a necessity!! <3


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