SURPRISE! I’ll be posting a product review video very soon so I thought I needed an intro video for my channel. Apologies for it being awkward, though. This was filmed (and edited) using my Samsung S7 camera. Worry not, cause I’ll be using a real camera on the next ones (of course).

This is it! My Youtube journey has FINALLY began. I gave this so much thought and it took a lot of confidence. I’m doing this for all my dear readers/Instagram followers who’ve been requesting me to do more tutorials and to show the make-up/skincare that I use everyday. This is the best way to do them- don’t you think? Can’t wait to post more videos! My channel will be mostly Korean beauty (reviews, faves, tutorials, etc.), but I’ll also be posting some random fun stuff and and maybe travel vlogs in between! I’m very open to suggestions, so feel free comment on what you want to see on my videos! Hope that you can support me in this and I’m very sorry for the awkward me! Will get there! Love you guys! Fighting!~

P.S. Shout out to my dear friends, Tricia, Liah and Crissey for pushing me hard enough for me to finally do this! <3