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by farrah

Just when you thought that nothing will level with last year’s Happy Skin X Disney collaboration, Happy Skin came out with something that’s just as good – probably even better for some (including me- kkk!) – and it’s the.. wait for it.. Happy Skin X Sanrio Characters! :O YAAAAZ, Happy Skin collaborated with Sanrio for their new collection. IT. IS. TOO. BEAUTIFUL.

When asked about what collab people wanted to see with Happy Skin, so many have answered Sanrio and with just that, Happy Skin made our dreams come true. Thank you, Happy Skin!~

Again, I was lucky enough to be invited at their launch to see and test the products in real life. Spent hours taking pictures, squealing and spazzing over the products. Everything was just very kawaii and well-executed.

This holiday season, Happy Skinyour favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup—is collaborating with a global brand and a pop culture icon to bring some of your most favorite characters to life through your everyday makeup. Whether you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Little Twin Stars, you can experience and relive your love for them with Happy Skin © Sanrio Characters! Both Happy Skin and Sanrio developed products that women would not only love, but would be able to effortlessly incorporate into their daily beauty routine. And to properly highlight and amplify all three characters, Happy Skin © Sanrio Characters proudly became Happy Skin’s biggest collection to date, offering an array 23 different products for the face, lips, and nails. 

Two of the amazing people who made this happen! <3 Hi Jacq and Rissa! You look beautiful~

This collab includes some of the all-time-fave Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. My personal faves were the Little Twin Stars in terms of packaging. I don’t really have a fave Sanrio character. I just found out at the event they appeal to me the most. *.* They kind of reminded people at the event of me and Crissey! Kkk!~

And accidentally, we were wearing matching outfits. She was wearing a baby blue shirt while I was top-to-bottom pink. I got so excited upon seeing the Little Twin Stars booth! I kinda live for it! *u*


What’s more exciting is that they released more products this time! :O They have new shades of their Gel Express Nail Polish, Shut Up And Kiss Me lippies, blushes and cleansing wipes.

Everything was so on-point! *u*

The reason why I don’t get my nails painted at the salon anymore: Happy Skin Express Gel Nail Polish! They dry so quickly~

These dreamy pastel shades, tho! The packaging is too cute. I dieee.

See what I mean? So cute! The only thing, though, since it’s Sanrio, I imagined really kawaii shades but these are a bit too dark for my liking. I wish they would release cutesie shades soon. Please make it happen, Happy Skin! ;_;

Probably my fave out of all the products they released. Lol! Good stuff!

I really like the blushes, too – especially this shade! So me! I do think that the amount that you get for its price if P900 is a tad bit lacking. Hehehe, just my opinion!

I guess at this point, you are also buying the Sanrio brand, though!

Happy Skin is always A+++ when it comes to packaging. Soo cuuute + same amazing formula!

Again, same amazing formula but I feel like these shades have been done before. I wish they would make shades that are a bit brighter and youthful. 🙂

THESE BEAUTY SPONGES ARE AMAZING. If you need to get anything from Happy Skin right now, THIS IS IT. The softness and texture is up to par with a Beauty Blender.

These as well are worth buying asap! You’ll never know when you need to get your nails done at the worst of times.

Hello Kitty donuts! So instagrammable! <3

L-R: Jacq Yuentian-Guttierez (Co-Founder of Happy Skin), Sanrio’s Yandy Wa, Virgie Ramos (the first who brought Sanrio to the Philippines + outside Japan), Sanrio’s Ivan Wong and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (Co-Founder of Happy Skin)

HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENT! THE ONE AND ONLY HELLO KITTY <3 All the way from Japan! :O She’s soooo kawaii. I died at her poses! Crissey’s reaction was so precious! LOL.

Glad to have attended this event my best friends, Tricia and Crissey! <3 Thanks for always having us Happy Skin!

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