Happy Skin: Eye Woke Up Like This

by farrah

A beautiful base makeup makes any day a good day but sometimes we forget how despite having a solid flawless face, we can still end up looking a bit tired. To me, how your eyes look makes the biggest difference – we look at each other in the eyes when we talk after all! And honestly, there are days when I feel like I can skip the bb cream / foundation step. I can only go out satisfied when my eyes are popped and my brows are on fleek!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see Happy Skin’s new collection which consists of all eye products that will help you achieve that “eye woke up like this” look – which basically means looking awake with eyes looking snatched (Yaaas!). I have very small eyes and to me, this is just everything. Lol! And knowing Happy Skin who have only came out with really good products (imo), the fan girl that I am was just really excited! <3

We spent an afternoon of good food and company while trying out and talking about Happy Skin’s new products which is my kind of tea party! It was my first time trying Early Bird Breakfast Club, too, so YAY!

We were all given some of the products that are part of the collection to test out. I know a Happy Skin packaging when I see it and it never fails to give me energy. *.* Come to Mama! Lol!

Cute illustration of the Eye Woke Up Like This Collection *.* Everything’s sooo well though-of!

We were given score cards to rate the products. So far, they’re all promising!

Delicious mushroom pasta by Early Bird Breakfast Club! *.*

With my blogger besties! <3

I finished everything, omo.

2/3 of the wonderful people behind Happy Skin, Jacqe and Rissa! I’m a fan!! <3


I made a video of the products and my first impressions here:

To see the whole collection, refer to this link: http://www.happyskincosmetics.com/144-eye-woke-up-like-this

Thanks for having me, Happy Skin! <3

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