For Me In London

by farrah

Last month, I got invited to one of my fave local brands (of course, it’s another fave, why else would I go? Lol!), For Me, to see their new Holiday collection, For Me In London, at their Trinoma branch. I’ve always been drawn to their store interiors – always filled with the yummiest and dreamiest pastels. In fact, I’m not only the one in my family who’s a fan! Also members of the club are my two sisters and my..wait for it..MOM! Everyone gets surprised whenever I say this. My mom and I have totally different tastes in clothing (like she wouldn’t wear the clothes that I give her) but we both surprisingly love this brand. <3

Best part of this event was, aside from the yummy sweets, is shopping their new collection! I wanted everything. The clothes were just so me! I know I always say this but there are only about 2-3 stores that can make me say it. (It’s been a good year! Hehe!) Like, as soon as I arrived, a blogger friend immediately told me that. Then, another! I was trying to hide my tremendous excitement so I don’t freak people out. Lol! Anywho, I made sure to take some snaps (of course). I just discovered that they actually have really cute shoes, too! *.*



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