First Impressions: My Scheming Sheet Masks (Part 1)

by farrah

Hey guys! I’m back with a beauty post~ Today, I’m going to introduce you to my newly discovered sheet mask brand, My Scheming! My Scheming is a Taiwanese skincare brand that is popularly known for their blackhead remover and it was not long ago when I learned that they actually have sheet masks! Ever since I’d tried My Beauty Diary’s Black Pearl Essence Mask which is sooo affordable and has amazing quality, I gained so much respect for Taiwanese skincare products. *.*

For this post, I will be giving my thoughts on the My Scheming sheet masks based on first try. I have all the variants and I really want to spread the info so I’m going to do two parts of this. First part covers their popular invisible masks then second part will cover their black masks. But before anything, let me give you a bit more background of the brand. When My Scheming started, they marketed their skincare products as high quality, inexpensive and give immediate results. True enough, their blackhead remover became such a big hit (VIRAL!) and they’re competing as one of the top skincare brands in Taiwan. What I like about them the most is that they only use NATURAL ingredients!

The My Scheming invisible masks are 0.1mm THIN which makes it “invisible”. It is highly elastic to fit any face shape and it effectively locks in hydration. It’s sooo simple but these are basically what I consider when I’m choosing sheet masks. Let’s start the review~

First up is the one of the bestsellers, Hyaluronan Moisturizing Mask. Hyaluronan is an ingredient known for mousturizing and healing. This mask is supposed to heal your skin and lock in moisture to make your skin smoother. (I have to say, before anything, these masks have so much of the product absorbed in them despite being 0.10mm thin only!) My skin definitely felt refreshed and moisturized with just one use of this mask. It felt so good on the skin. The consistency of the essence is not as thick as most that I’ve tried – it’s more on the watery side – no sticky feel, so people with oily skin shouldn’t be afraid to try this. As for the healing part, I’d have to keep on using this to see.~

The My Scheming Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask has rose water as its special ingredient (obviously, kkk~). It is quite an expensive ingredient so this really got my attention. This ingredient is known for maintaining your skin’s PH balance, softening the skin, moisturizing, regenrating of skin cells – everything! I think I like this more than the Hyaluronan mask. It’s consistency is thicker and it smells like roses! I noticed that my skin soften a bit, brightened and moisturized with my first use. It might be one of my faves here!

The 7-in-1 Brightening Essence Mask, another bestseller, is one where I really saw a (pleasantly) surprising change on my skin after my first use!! It really DID brighten my face! I swear, it’s so noticeable. My redness just faded.  It’s also not too intense so I recommend trying to put this on right before your make-up to maximize the GLOW. <3 If there’s one you must try right now, it’s this.

Sometimes, I honestly cannot tell the difference after using different masks, but I can always tell when there’s snail essence in the product. The My Scheming Snail Essence Hydrating Mask is a really good mask. Snail essence is an expensive ingredient for a reason and its because it can tighten and make your skin look more plump effectively. This mask did that and gave enough hydration to my dry skin. I had dry patches around my nose before using this and noticed that it smoothened right after. *.*

The My Scheming Skin Pores Clarifying Minimizing Mask, I assume, is the type that you have to use more than once to really see a difference. I also don’t have that much pimples to see its effect. It is quite moisturizing but not too much so this will be good for people with oily skin. ^^

I’ve had bird’s nest in my tummy but never on my skin so the My Scheming Bird’s Nest Collagen Mask was a bit weird for me honestly. But, I’ve heard that the bird’s nests are used to maintain youthfulness so it is often combined with collagen (which is also known for anti-aging). Now that I think about it, many of the My Scheming masks have expensive ingredients in them! *.* And these only retail for P95.00 each! I don’t know what difference it made compared to other masks but I did leave my skin looking generally better – moisturized, brightened (a bit), and smooth.

The My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Mask was what I was most excited about because I’ve been loving My Beauty Diary’s Black Pearl Essence Mask. The biggest difference that I noticed of this from MBD’s is that this has a bit more watery consistency and has more essence inside. Sometimes, the MBD one can be too moist and uncomfortable. The My Scheming is less moisturizing but didn’t make me feel as uncomfortable. And I found that the 7-in-1 is more brightening than this but this has a more hydrating effect. ^^

After my first try of these masks, I really recommend that you check them out! These invisible masks are so affordable and for P95.00 each, the quality you get is just amazing! You can find them at Personal Care Exchange – Alabang Town Center, Power Plant Mall and Robinson’s Place Manila.

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