Fave of the Moment: Lancome UV Expert XL-SHIELD CC Cover

by farrah

lancome ccc 1

Hey guys! It’s time for another “fave of the moment”!~ I found something that’s perfect for that no make-up look. It’s the Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield CC Cover Cream. Been using this product on days when I don’t really feel like making myself pretty but still want to look decent. Haha! I’m really loving this and it would be silly if I don’t share it to you guys (that’s how important you are to me #cheese). .

This skincare product protects my skin from UVA & UVB rays, dust pollution, and blue lights that I’m exposed to while making my face look flawless. Wait.. what? Blue lights? These are the lights that come from our gadgets (i.e. laptop, cellphone) that causes hyper-pigmentation – I know! OMG. I, too, didn’t know that they can damage my skin. My jaw literally dropped ’cause I spend like more than half of my day on my phone, so you’re good if you don’t use them as excessive as I do. Lol! But that’s really something new. Isn’t it cool how Lancome is adapting to our lifestyle changes? I bet a lot of you are actually like me!

lancome ccc 5

This skincare product, good as foundation, comes in four different shades: Flawless Bright, Fresh Rosy, Natural Nude & Light Beige. Mine is Fresh Rosy which is not quite my shade but somehow looks okay on me. Not gonna complain- it’s Lancome!

lancome ccc 6

When choosing my base make-up, I see to it that the product I use has SPF of any amount in it ’cause I really hate putting sunblock on (and I’ve yet to find a sunblock that feels like nothing. Lol!). This product has SPF50 PA++++. It’s super important to protect your skin from UV rays. I know it’s common knowledge but I still want to stress it out ’cause you’d want wrinkles, or any signs of skin aging as late in your life as possible, right? I’m a good friend and as a good friend, I say, It’s good to prevent it as early as now. Hehe!  And not long ago, I had this huge light bulb moment that this product would be best at the beach! I’ll definitely try it out and let you guys know! *excited*

lancome ccc 3

lancome ccc 4

This can be used alone (which I prefer) – or if you’re looking for more coverage, used as a primer. I really love how it feels like lotion when being applied. It’s super duper light-weight and does a beautiful job at covering blemishes, pores and whatsoever. Plus, it evens out my skin tone really well. This is definitely not your usual CC cream. Despite all the protection, it doesn’t compromise the coverage quality. When I have this on, it doesn’t feel greasy or leave my face with too much white casts; more like radiant and velvety! <3

Like nothing happened. That’s what you should want in a base make-up It doesn’t change your look; it only enhances. You can really see how that thick product blended into my skin. *gasps*

lancome ccc 9

Before application

To see the radiant effect that I mentioned before, here are photos of me before and after applying Lancome’s CC Cover.~

lancome ccc 10

After application (Left: With | Right: Without)

What do you think? I did my best to show you the difference, but if I failed then maybe I should I get myself a new camera. *sniffs* /brb, just really want a new camera. LOL! Kidding aside, this product really impressed me and I’m sure that you will like it too. I mean, if you’re a fan of things that say “light-weight”, “natural”, etc. because less is more then we’re gonna be best friends! This product can only do good so I highly recommend it! 🙂

This product is available at all local Lancome stores.


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Pearly Jane August 19, 2016 - 1:33 pm

Hi, silent reader here but decided to be not. Lels I like this product based on your review, makes me wanna try but I’m really just a makeup newbie at 23 years old… Um, if you could do an intro / tutorial on basic steps in makeup / skincare, I would really love that. Thanks 🙂

Farrah August 22, 2016 - 10:58 am

Hi Pearly! Thanks for speaking up 😉 hihi! Will do! I’m almost ready to share my routine. Kept on changing the products I use but I’m almost there. Haha! Stay tuned 😉

Grace Wong September 24, 2016 - 3:14 am

Hi! You’re so pretty! I would like to ask which cream is better for oily skin, is it bb or cc cream? Also, what brand do you prefer. Thank you! You’re such an inspiration!

Farrah September 26, 2016 - 9:32 am

CC creams are usually dewy so I would say bb cream. BB creams have more coverage too 😉 Thank you!~


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