Etude House Mini Haul

by farrah

etude house mini haul 1

Sharing the stuff that I bought from my last random visit at Etude House. Haven’t been there in a while since I buy most of my make-up online. It’s really different when the products are laid out in front of you! It reminded me how really good Etude House is. It’s a great place to find everything you need in decent quality and affordable price. Here’s what I got for P1500!~

etude house mini haul 3

Proof 10 Eye Primer

I’m not a huge eye primer person and I’ve only ever used Urban Decay’s, but the hype got me buying anyway. For P298, this product is AMAZING. It’s almost like a dupe of the Urban Decay one. Used it once and I’m already very impressed! My eyeshadow became more pigmented and long-lasting! Definitely a must-buy!

etude house mini haul 4

Color My Brows (No.5)

This is one of my all-time Etude House faves! I wanted to buy the jumbo version of this but it was out of stock, huhu. This browcara runs out faster than my HG, Heavy Rotation Brow Tint, but a lot more affordable! It’s also more accessible locally and has more available shades. I’d tried browcaras from other Korean brands but I keep going back to this. It is quite tricky to apply. You’d need to remove excess product off the brush before application to get a clean result. If you’re patient enough, then I highly recommend this!

etude house mini haul 9

Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (No.5)

I was surprised at how affordable this is! It’s only P98.00 but it’s super not bad for a lip liner! I only really bought it because I fell in love with the color. It has this pretty dark-but-not-too-dark mauve-ish shade that’s perfect for fall. I love how Korean brands are starting to make darker colors like this! I use this all over my lips which will obviously dry them out but I don’t mind since the color is super nice. <3

etude house mini haul 8

etude house mini haul 6

Easy Brow Pencil (No.1)

Say hello to the pencil version of my HG eyebrow pencil, Drawing Eyebrow Pencil (No.1)! Since the Drawing Eyebrow Pencil is almost always out-of-stock, I decided to give this one a try. So far, I noticed that the formula is very similar to the Drawing Eyebrown one. It’s as pigmented and glides on smoothly on the skin as well. This is just a little cheaper (P128.00) and a little harder to use (in my opinion). If you prefer pointed tips, then this is a good product for you! But I personally prefer angled ones like the Auto Brow Pencil since it’s easier to use and that you don’t have to sharpen it.

etude house mini haul 7

etude house mini haul 5

Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips Juicy (PK014)

The most expensive on the list (P598.00) is my fave of the bunch! Been using it almost every day since I got it. I love it’s smell – like berries and candies! <3 I’m mad about tints that make your lips feel moisturized and this is one of them. Despite the moisturizing effect, it’s still very pigmented and lasts longer than other balm tints. I just really love this! <3

etude house mini haul 2

Hope you enjoyed this short post! <3 I also got some other Etude stuff online – can’t wait to try their Double Lasting Liquid Foundation and make-up brushes!

‘Til the next mini Korean make-up haul! 😉

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JASMINE LAURENTE October 11, 2016 - 3:06 am

Hiiii, this may be unrelated but I hope I can open your blog posts into a new window or tab if I clicked the “Read More” button~ ignore this if it’s not possible or there are other reasons for that loool. Btw, I really enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing this to us!! Hwaiting!! <3

Farrah October 11, 2016 - 8:44 am

Hi Jasmine! I’ll see what I can do 🙂 But for now, you can right click on the button and choose open in new tab. 😀

JASMINE LAURENTE October 12, 2016 - 3:05 am

Waaaa sorry~ but thanks for your effort to solve my little prob haha~ I tried again to right click the read more button but there’s an alert saying the content is protected? I wonder whyyy but it’s really just a simple request, do not worry about it too much! hihi <3

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