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Annyeong! Hope you’re all doing great. Today, I’m going to give you a little fun fact about me. I’m.. a hair sniffer. Whenever I put perfume, I’d spray most of it on my hair – like about 90% of it. I like being able to smell my perfume wherever I go so it has to be sprayed on areas closest to my nose. Is it weird? It gives me a boost of confidence I guess. Hehe! So, can you imagine how I reacted when I found a perfume that’s actually meant for your hair? YES, there’s such a thing! And YES, they’re available locally! They’re from Essensu Lifestyle Essentials.

As much as I like smelling scents, I’m honestly quite picky about them. They can’t be too strong, too sweet, or too anything. My go-to scents have always been vanilla & white musk (mild versions of these). And Essensu is the only other place where I find scents that my nostrils accept. Haha!

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Essensu is the Japanese term for “essence”. Bet you’re not surprised! (But it is quite amusing if you watch too much anime like me.) It’s a local home and personal care line that started last December 2014 adopted from Japan’s technology. They’re in the same company with Skin Perfect, Perfect Contour and Vanity Circle Salon which have been in the market since 2000 and 2012.

They have two collections for their fragrances: Lolita and Language of Flowers.

For the Lolita Collection, they have 4 different scents for ladiesSayaka, Sakura, Mori and Hime. And 2 scents for men: Aki and Haru. The ladies’ scents come in hair fragrance, body wash and lotion. The men’s scents come in hair fragrance only (for now).

For the Language of Flowers Collection, they have 4 ladies’ scents: Meek & Mild, Innocence, Secret Love Beauty & Grace.

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Essensu Hair Spritz in Sayaka (P250.00)

Essensu is most proud of their hair spritz (my fave).  They’re the first in the country to offer this and I think it’s a really great idea. IMO, in this tropical country, we really need something like this. It is a quick solution to freshen up hair anytime of the day. It has a mild fragrance and protects your hair from drying since it has argan oil (just what my blonde damaged hair needs!).

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AHHHH! That packaging!!

I got the scent Sayaka from their Lolita collection. This smells so good, guys. I’m not very good at describing things but I would say that this is a very happy scent. (Okay, that did not help so I will keep on trying.) This is more on the citrus side and I think it has a white musk base which is probably the reason why I love it. It smells very classy and soft! I like to spray this all over my body which I think wouldn’t hurt since it’s really mild. It lasts long but I still keep spraying this on my hair all day just because. Haha!

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The absolutely wonderful thing about Essensu is their packaging! It’s super kawaii – and it has to be! The quality of the packaging is very nice. The spray is able to spread out the product evenly. I like how it’s small enough to fit in any woman’s purse. I’m so gonna travel with this!

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Essensu Fragrance Lotion (P295.00)

The Sayaka scent also comes in a Body Fragrance Lotion. Because of this, I started sniffing my arms, too. (Please don’t judge me! Hehe!) What I like about this (other than the scent) is that it’s very light-weight. It’s not sticky and doesn’t give you any discomfort which I think is a huge factor when women choose lotions. The scent is mild as well. I think it’s perfect even on days when it’s very humid since it’s very light.

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This lotion may be light but it has tons of benefits. It contains vitamin E that has anti oxidants and leaves skin deeply moisturized. It has almond oil that has therapeutic benefits for sensitive skin and prevents skin from drying.  It soothes the skin with the help of aloe vera extract. It also has allantoin that protects skin and stimulates cell regeneration promoting anti-aging benefits.

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Essensu Bubble Popping Mask (P105/each, P420/box of 4) – 2 Types: Brightening (pink packaging) & Anti-aging (gold packaging)

Omo, this is the most interesting out of all the products here. I’m not a skincare junkie but I really, really love face masks. Applying face masks make me feel more confident about my skin. I do face masks whenever I have to attend events or shoots. They just make your skin generally better.

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This Popping Bubble Mask is different from the ones I’m used to, though. That’s probably because I had only ever used Korean ones and this is made in Japan. This has 2 variants: 1) anti-aging (gold packaging) and 2) brightening (pink packaging). Unlike the usual film type, this is a gel face mask. But the catch is, after minutes of leaving this on your face, it turns into foam! You will hear it snapping which is so freaking cool! It is said that the gel turning into foam indicates that oxygen is being released from the skin. It improves collagen production of the skin, has a whitening effect and has UV light protection. So far, I like this product. It made my skin softer and look more vibrant. But I have to keep using it to be able to really see the effect.~

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Essensu Collagen Jelly Drink (P195.00 each, P2730.00/box of 14)

Last on this list is this Collagen Jelly Drink. I’d never tried drinking (or eating?) collagen before this but it’s benefits are very familiar to me. It is, after all, popularly known as one the strongest out there when it comes to anti-aging. I used to think that I’m not quite there yet to be taking collagen which is why I hadn’t tried it after all these years. But the thing is, it wouldn’t hurt if you take it as early as now since there is such a thing as pre-mature aging caused by sun-exposure. This Collagen Jelly Drink is, no doubt, in good quality because it’s made from Japan. And Japan is where all the best collagen products are.

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This collagen drink has active ingredients: 1) CoQ10 that keeps your skin firm and reduces collagen breakdown, 2) rose root extract that has anti-stress, anti-fatigue and anti-depressant properties, supports collagen production and protects skin from UV damage, 3) pomegranate extract that whitens skin effectlively and 4) hyaluronic acid that keeps skin plumped and hydrated.

Sounds good? It is good. It works by drinking this straight off the sachet.

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Lol, spot supportive Calel’s reflection!

These Essensu products fit right into my lifestyle! They’re super cute and I consider them essential to my daily life. <3 Can’t wait to visit them again and spaz on their products. They recently had a price drop on their products so it would be awesome if you visit them now (if you’re interested)!~

Exciting Essensu events/promos to look forward to:

• This October 9th, Essensu is turning 1! For every 600 worth of purchase, get a chance to win some cool products from Essensu. Available at any Essensu kiosks.

• Their Fisher Supermarket branch opens this 28th October!

Mark your calendars!~

Essensu Lifestyle Essentials has branches at the following locations:
* Fishermall (2nd floor) & Fisher Supermarket
*SM North Edsa Main ( Upper Ground Floor in front of Bench)
* Robinsons Ermita (Ground Floor)
* Robinsons Galleria (2nd Floor)
*Cash & Carry (2nd floor)

Essensu also accepts online orders! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@essensuph).

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September 2016 Favorites | Happiness, etc. by Farrah Espina October 12, 2016 - 4:17 pm

[…] The cutest hair product I own right now is this Essensu Hair Spritz in Sayaka. It had to be on this list because why not? It’s a nice thing to have inside your purse when you’re gonna be out and about the whole day.~ Wrote more about this here. […]

Michelle Clark Bruce January 26, 2017 - 9:18 am

Thank you for your great guide. I’ve been spraying my hair all my life. I use the spray also on oor bed linens most nights before we go to sleep. It’s great to see the ingredients and reading a fun but informative description of the wonderful products. The bow is really cute too.

Farrah January 27, 2017 - 10:44 am

Thank you for the appreciation~ 😀 Hope you’ll try Essensu!


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