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by farrah

custom thread 17

Last weekend, I was able to attend the relaunching of Custom Thread. Custom Thread is basically a customized shirt supplier. They help small businesses in producing their designed custom tees. They do everything – printing, sublimation, embroidery! I had to go when they invited me because being a small business owner (hello, Happymallow!), it helps to know as many potential suppliers as possible. I was very impressed when I saw the whole t-shirt making process here. They’re the 3rd in the country to own the Kornit Avalanche, a super duper fast printing machine! The machine can print a full A4 in a matter of minutes! So, if you need like about 50 quality shirts, it’s very possible to get them on the same day. Cool, right!? They offer them in affordable prices, too. You can check their website to see what I mean. I’m really thinking about making shirts for Happymallow! I’m currently planning a possible collab with one of my dearest friends for it! *excited* (Got my fingers crossed!) Anywho, if you’re looking for a good customized shirt, jacket, sweater, jersey, canvas tote – name it, Custom Thread is really one to check out. You probably might need them for school, office, sports league, etc., right? I’m just sharing this because I’m such a good friend! <3

I was able to do some touring around their headquarters and witness some demo, so here are some pics I took for you guys!~

custom thread 21

custom thread 1

custom thread 18

custom thread 6

custom thread 5

custom thread 20

custom thread 19

custom thread 4

custom thread 3

custom thread 9

custom thread 10

custom thread 12

custom thread 16

custom thread 15

custom thread 11

custom thread 14

By the way, I will be doing more events post from now on. I thought it’ll be fun to take you with me on my adventures even in these simple events. What do you think? <3

Also, please expect more updates from me from now on! I’m back on track, guys!~

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