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Annyeong haseo! Sorry for not being as active on my blog recently – been doing so many stuff on my YT channel. Creating videos has become so addicting. ;_;  Don’t worry! I have some beauty posts lined up for the following days. Let me know in the comments if you like this topic more. ^^ I still also have some travel posts lined up so please stay tuned! You can check out my YT channel in the meantime~ Thank you in advance!

Moving on, let’s talk about the most important thing that happened this month in the beauty world of the Philippines. I’m sure you’ve heard that CLUB (freakin’) CLIO is finally open in the Philippines!!! Ahhhhhhh. I need a paper bag! *inhale* *exhale* Okay, I’m fine now but I will not be over it. It’s just so exciting! I didn’t realize that my excitement is at a certain level where I can call this brand one of my favorites. One time, someone asked me what’s my fave K-beauty brand and I was like, “Uuhhhh, how do you even answer this question?!”. It would probably be easier to tell which ones I don’t really like, kekeke!~ If it’s Club Clio, I’ll give you a double thumbs up with a nod and a twerk (lol even though I can’t).

For those who are like “whwhwhat the freakin what is she talking about?”, CLUB CLIO is one of the TOP k-beauty brands in South Korea. They’ve been around since the year that I was born (1993!!). They carry three popular lines: 1) Clio – their main brand, 2) Peripera – their affordable line which is very well-known for their tints! and 3) Goodal – their own skincare line. Every Club Clio has these three lines in the store. The Clio line is not actually new. They used sell their famous eyeliners at Watsons. One day, when I decided to finally get myself one, they decided to be gone. *sobs* But YAY, they’re back and hopefully, for good!

Oh and if it matters, Sandara of 2NE1 used to be their model and now they have Gong Hyo Jin! <3

Here’s a photo of the people who made this happen! Kamsahamnida!~

Enough chitchat and let me tell you more about what went on at their launching. Thank you so much for inviting me, Club Clio PH! *happy tears* Go follow them now! You know you want to. *wink*

There were basically 2 rooms at the event- the makeup room and skincare room. In the makeup room, Clio’s chief makeup artist did a live tutorial where she only used a total of 3 products from Clio and Peripera.

There were also makeup products on the tables free for everyone to test out. *.*

YES YES YES! I wanted everything, huhu. Can’t wait to go back and shop!

Their eyeshadow palettes looked very promising but I really wanted to prioritize their bestselling products and do a review for you guys. :3

I wanted this! ;_;

Girl, if this worked, it would be awesome!!! 😮

The chief makeup artist of Clio came all the way to the Philippines for this event to give us some makeup tips. *.* Waooo!

The 3 products she used on the model to achieve an effortless look: 1) eyebrow pen – which when applied can last for days because kilay is everythang,  2) liptint as eyeshadow and lippie, and 3) eyeliner to make your eyes pop!

The Clio Brow Pen is a browcara on the other side!

Her skin is EVERYTHING.

The famous Peri’s inks! Definitely a must-buy at Club Clio if you love lip tints. I’m a huge fan!

For makeup, I recommend checking out Clio’s Kill line. They have a bunch of crowd faves in this line like the Clio Kill Cover Cushions, Clio Kill Cover Concealer, Clio Kill Eyeliners and Clio Kill Brow Products. Check out their Mad Mattes lippies, too. I really like Korean matte lippies ’cause they aren’t as intense as the Western ones and they’re more hydrating.

Now, let’s move to the skincare room! Goodal is known for their fermented skincare products. Fermented ingredients are known for having so many benefits for the overall health of our skin. Fermentation increases the level of antioxidants in each ingredient making skincare products more effective!

I haven’t tried products from Goodal but from the little talk we had, I might soon! I’m intrigued by their green tangerine and black salt lines! *.*

Goodal takes cleansing to another level. With their deep cleansing skincare, you can shorten your Korean skincare routine from 10 steps to 5 steps!

How to apply skincare the Korean way! *.*

There’s actually another room where we can all have a mini photo shoot using these fashion items from Zalora! Club Clio will also be sold at by the way! *.*

Heheheh, eeet me!

Finally, after learning more about Club Clio, we were taken to the first ever Club Clio store in the Philippines!!!! It’s at the 3rd Floor of Trinoma. Yay for north peeps! Wuhooo! Party!!!! \:D/ Hahaha!


Hello, beautiful. *happy tears*

If there’s anything that you need to know, Clio’s price range is a bit above mid range, but most of their products are really, really good.

What to get at Club Clio! Their eyeliners have been a looong time cult fave in SK. I honestly have yet to know why! Soon I will, though, ’cause I got one at the event! *.*

The lippies are very good as well. The Mad Mattes are sooo smooth, creamy and not too drying.

For the sheet mask junkies, you might want to check out Goodal’s sheet masks! These look promising!

What a nice view! All the bestsellers at Club Clio are here! I highly recommend the Clio Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion. It’s sooo good. It’ll give you a nice glow while it serves killer coverage! Watch out for the shades, though. 03 Linen is still too light on me. I might be a 04 Ginger!

If it’s coverage you’re looking for, Clio does it best!!

K-beauty girls unite! <3 Glad to have bumped into Andy of! She’s the OG!

Huuu, I’ll come back for you!~

I’ve always wanted to buy myself more k-beauty tools like these brushes! Definitely coming back for these as well.

Hehehee can you guess which is my fave section? I was having a hard time choosing between getting a cushion that I’ve tried and is really good (Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion) or something new. I went for the latter because I’m a good blogger. *.* Kkkk! Guess which cushion variant I got?

Happy girl with her Club Clio goodies! Can’t wait to show you what I got! I think I might do a video. <3

Kamsahamnida, Club Clio PH! <3 I had a wonderful time! <3

Club Clio is available at 3F, Trinoma, North Ave., Quezon City.

You can shop for Club Clio at Zalora (, too~

Follow Club Clio PH on Facebook and Instagram.

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