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by farrah

Finally, after testing these products for about a month now, here is my review of the prettiest makeup I’ve ever seen in my life, Dear Dahlia! *u*

Dear Dahlia is a Korean beauty brand that launched just last year and they’re already one of the fastest-moving brands in Korea. They’re very well-known for their beautiful marble and rose gold packaging which is quite literally like a dream that came to life. (Lol, you’ll see when you scroll down!) I actually first saw Dear Dahlia on Instagram on my explore page and it really was just love at first sight. I kept looking for where I can purchase this brand online. I never would’ve imagined it ever coming to the Philippines, but guess what? They’re here!

SO PRETTY, RIGHT? *o* Dear Dahlia is not just about aesthetics, though. There’s a lot to love about it! Here are some interesting facts about their products:

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Has moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging Dahlia extract™ that sets it apart
  • Has SPF
  • Now available at BeautyMNL or on the official social media pages of Dear Dahlia PH (Official FB: DearDahlia.PH / Official Instagram: DearDahlia_PH)

In this entry, I will be reviewing 3 of their bestselling products which are their cushion, eyeshadow and lipstick! Let’s begin!~

  1. Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion

If you’re a fan of that natural dewy glow, you might want to give this cushion foundation a try! This was the item that I really wanted to buy for so long but I always ended up deciding not to ’cause I was a bit taken aback with the price. It is a bit up there in price compared to other cushions but it’s also a lot of things that other cushions aren’t.

This cushion foundation leaves a nice semi-matte finish that is lightweight and provides a medium to full coverage. I super love the glow this cushion gives me. It makes my skin look healthy and moisturised. You do have to powder on top of this, though, if you have oily skin – as the glow it gives may look “shiny” for other people, lol.

I got it in nude beige which is the 2nd lightest shade. I’d say it’s equivalent to a #21 pink undertone shade when it comes to Korean bb creams/cushions. I usually wear #23 pink/neutral so this is a bit too light on me. It also doesn’t oxidize so I really have to go in with some bronzer to make it look natural. It has SPF 35+++ which might’ve contributed to it appearing lighter than it should be but I don’t really mind because SPF is a must on my list! It also has a brightening effect that makes you look more radiant.

Some facts about this cushion:

  • infused with glow-boosting, antioxidant-enriched dahlia variabilis extract
  • nourishing ECOCERT certified organic oils and butters helps skin retain moisture
  • protects with physical blockers, which work by sitting on top of the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UVA/UVB rays away from skin
  • vegan-friendly formula won’t irritate or clog pores
  • free from nano particles, sulfate, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, color pigments, and animal ingredients

It adheres really well on to the skin but unlike other cushions, this is more of the type that sits on top of it. It also transfers a bit but usually when a cushion has a lot of skincare benefits, this is what happens. But honestly, even if it does, I always find the coverage still pretty good throughout the day. It lasts for about 8-10 hours depending on what I do and on the temperature outside. I also tried working out with this on and it does a pretty good job on fooling people that I’m not wearing any makeup, lol!

Here’s what the cushion looks like when applied. It really smoothens out textures and blurs out the pores. Like I mentioned, this is not my shade, but it doesn’t look that bad, right? It almost looks like it just brightened my face a little. It also cancelled out any redness and dark areas on my skin. I really love this cushion! I highly recommend it especially to people who are afraid of trying new make-up because they’re afraid of breaking out. 🙂


     2.  Dear Dahlia Paradise Dual Palette

These, by far, are the cutest little palettes that I’ve ever owned! They’re dual palettes where one side is powder and the other is a multi-balm that you can use as eyeshadow, blush or lippie! I’ve been having so much fun playing with these because they’re compact, easy to apply and the colors are really pigmented! <3

I got it in two shades (L-R): 1) Strawberry Crush and 2) Caramel Slice. Don’t they look so yummy?!

Some facts about these palettes:

  • deliver fast and easy color application on lips, cheeks, and lids wherever you go
  • free from nano particles, sulfate, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, EU/USA banned color pigments, and animal ingredients

Strawberry Crush is a pink palette that is more on the warm side so it should be wearable for most skin tones. I like using this palette when I want a more girly and cutesy look. The pink shadows on this are very wearable because they’re not over-the-top and just look so flattering. This is my fave out of the two dual palettes.

The balm side is a peachy-pink shade that is so easy to apply and blend. It gives a natural/nothing-too-crazy color pay-off-  not too pigmented, but adds a really nice color on the lids. I used it as my base shadow (photo on the left). You can never apply too much of it. Then, I applied the light pink shimmer shade on the inner part of my lids; the darker pink on the outer. And can I just say, these shimmer shades are everything? They’re so beautiful!

I just love the color combination! On this photo, I also used the balm on my cheeks. It gives a really pretty flush of color on the cheeks. It didn’t move the cushion foundation underneath while I was trying to blend it so yay!~ It’s not the most long-lasting blush but you can easily reapply this when your outside because you don’t really need a brush to blend it out- plus it’s so compact!

Caramel Slice is more of an everyday palette. The browns in this, though, are a bit yellowish, which doesn’t particularly look as good with my red hair. It’s still very pretty, though. These colors remind me of Secretary Kim (from the K-drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim). I noticed that her eyeshadow was always in these colors in that K-drama. I remember wanting to sport it also. If your hair color is similar to Secretary Kim, you’re good!

On the left, I used the lighter matte brown as my base shade then applied the darker on my outer corners. The gold-ish champagne balm on this palette, though, is amazing. It’s such a wearable shimmer shade and I love it! I used it underneath my bottom lash line here! These shadows are pigmented and applies so smoothly. <3


      3. Lip Paradise Intense Satin

Out of all the Dear Dahlia products, I was most stunned by these lipsticks’ packaging. Aren’t these the most beautiful lipsticks you’ve ever seen? :O

What I noticed, right off the bat, with the Lip Paradise was how pigmented they are! One swipe gives you this beautiful opaque color on the lips. They are so moisturising and leaves a beautiful shine.

Some facts about these lippies:

  • naturally conditions lips with antioxidant-enriched dahlia variabilis extract
  • nourishing ECOCERT certified organic oils and butters creates rich hydration and a satin-y texture; highly pigmented formula moisturizes to banish dryness and flaking
  • enriched with lightweight rice bran wax instead of beeswax to ensure long-lasting smooth saturation of intense color with a single coat
  • rich and creamy texture gently and continuously wraps your lips; protects from ultraviolet rays; free from nano particles, sulfate, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, EU/USA banned color pigments, and animal ingredients

Like the palettes, I also got them in two shades: 1) 803 Bella and 2) 805 Scarlet.

(Top-Bottom: Bella, Scarlet)

The shade Bella is a nude peachy-pink, while Scarlet is a bright wearable orange. I don’t really wear lipsticks much these days honestly but these are just so nice and pigmented! Not only that, they also stain the lips so after eating, you don’t really end up like you have nothing on. They feel very comfortable and lightweight compared to most lipsticks. And these don’t emphasise the lines and cracks on my lips so yay!

These last quite long, too! Even though, they’re just lipsticks, they don’t easily come off like others do. One time, I’d tried the Scarlet shade on before sleeping and didn’t really wipe it off completely. I didn’t realise that I fell asleep with the stain. I still found my lips looking really nice and orange when I woke up – like I have lip tint on, lol!  They weren’t playing when they made these lipsticks! I want it in other colors, too! <3

And that’s it for my Dear Dahlia review! Hope this helped you if you’ve been curious, too! Which products do you want to try? Comment down below! ^^

*Dear Dahlia is now available at BeautyMNL or on the official social media pages of Dear Dahlia PH (Official FB: DearDahlia.PH / Official Instagram: DearDahlia_PH)

*This is a sponsored post but these are my honest thoughts about the products. 🙂







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