A Bag That’s Not Just A Bag

by farrah

I’m a sucker for “Narnia-like” bags. It’s those bags that when you look on the outside “ehh, that ain’t big enough”, but when you open it, it’s like a whole nother universe inside. Angelia and Pets is the perfect brand example of Narnia-like bags. ALL of their backpacks are Narnia-like.

This brand from Taiwan pleasantly surprised me. The quality of their backpacks are sooo good. Every detail is just so on-point! I have ’em in two sizes. One is the Kido for when I need to carry my laptop (yes, there’s a laptop pocket inside!) and other useless things to keep my mind at peace when I leave the house. While the other is the mini version or the Kido Small that works like a handbag. I use it for casual visits to the mall. It would also be perfect for travelling in my opinion!

With the Cats of Greenbelt :3

If there’s any backpack that you need to get yourself right now, it’s the Kido Small backpack! It has the most perfect size among all backpacks I own. It’s just so convenient that it fits all my everyday going-out necessities: camera, make-up bag, hair brush, phone, charger, cologne, umbrella, and *insert all other useless things here that keep my mind at peace*.

Just from the picture, you can tell how perfect the size is for me and Crissey!!

I love Angelia & Pets backpacks!! ToT

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