Anello In Manila

by farrah

Anello is finally here in Manila~ YAHU! I’ve been a quiet admirer of Anello for quite some time now. I wanted to get my very own but I didn’t know how so now that the brand is finally here, I CAN HAZZZ EEET. <3

Anello bags are truly iconic. It’s actually a Japanese-Italian brand – WOW. No wonder the designs are so unique and the quality is top notch for the price!!  I expect only quality when something is mixed with Japan. They’re so up there when it comes to details.

Anello bags are known for their wide opening so their bags are super ideal for travelling. Got myself a backpack that literally can fit everything I need. I can already imagine how easy carrying my stuff would be!

The designs are both classic and trendy so you’d really find something the will fit your style and lifestyle(!).

Yummy colors! *.*

Totally would get this as my school bag if I were still in school. ;_;

Lemon and lime ~

“Oppa” style, lol!

I wanted this bag but it’ll look too big on me, lol! #shortgirlproblems

Hehehe, matchy matchy with my ate bibi, Crissey!! I got the same bag with the warmer brown accent. <3

Wuhoo! Perfect person to spaz with! We’re such backpack fans. <3

Takeshi Yoshida, the President of Carrot Company, flew all the way to Manila for this event. :O

 (L-R) Nana Ozawa, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Kazuto Tanaguchi, Takeshi Yoshida, Ivan Yao, Marnie Chua, Rikiya Miura, Roy Chua, Emerson Yao and Margaux Leung

The people who made this possible! *.*

I want to gift this to Calel, but he doesn’t use bags.

For people who love red!

This bag “Farrah blue”, though!

With the dreamy Anello bags! ~

Hello Crissey! <3

With my fellow bloggers!

Hello girls! ~

Seph’s bag, though!!!

The Anello Store in Megamall! OMG.~

If I hadn’t have too many small bags… Kkkk~

Denim and stripes, anyone?

“Ate, kita ka sa picture, smile ka nalang.” -LOL


I hard a super hard time choosing! 

If I were a boy, definitely!

His and hers! *.*

The leather ones really stood out for me.

New Anello bags for us, YAY! <3 Thanks for having us, Anello Philippines, and Congrats on the successful launch!

Learn more about anello and its products by following Official Anello Philippines on Facebook and @anellophilippinesofficial on Instagram.

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