10 Cushions Review

by farrah

Time for another cushion review. Last year, I reviewed 5 of my cushions. This year, to make it more exciting, I am featuring 10! Yes, I’m still obsessed. In fact, I have gone completely more obsessed!

But before anything, let’s go back to the cushions that I featured last year. Here are some important notes that I thought I should share:

  1. The Hera UV Mist Cushion is nowhere near my top 1 right now. After a while, I noticed some (really disgusting) white spots of the bb building up on my dry areas.
  2. I am still in love with Laneige Pore Control BB and Iope Air XP Cushion (old version).
  3. The puff of Iope Air XP Cushion has a tendency to break in high temp.
  4. I heard that the new April Skin Magic Snow Cushion is so much better now!
  5. The new Iope Air XP Cushion and Laneige Pore Control BB shades have become brighter – so better get yours in 1 shade darker. 🙁

And here are the 10 beauties that I decided to feature on this post! Most are personal faves. Some I just find interesting! Now, Let’s start!~

P.S. The line-up is in no particular order.



Me getting this cushion was another meejmuse-said-its-good-so-I-need-to-get-it moment. No regrets here as this cushion is my hero when I’m in need of more coverage!

Shade: 3 – Linen (equivalent of shade 21). It runs fairer than I like it to be. IMHO, a lot of cushions, nowadays, run fairer than normal. So when I do have to use this, I also apply this on my neck just so my face and neck are even.

Packaging: The component is in this pretty light beige color with black details which I love! It’s a little bulkier than most of my cushions. It’s quite bothersome that I can’t comfortably fit three of my fingers in the applicator puff sponge. This cushion comes with a refill so yay!

Coverage: Medium – Full. Among the 10 on this list, coverage-wise, this is one of the 3 that can go really heavy. It can easily cover up any of my blemishes and acne scars. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and just leaves a beautiful coverage – no creasing whatsoever. It’s not very long lasting but since it’s compact, you can easily bring this with you in case you need to reapply.

Finish: I live for how this cushion looks right after application. It’s not super dewy but it does get dewier (almost oily) after hours. It happens in most cushions. I’m just not really into the full-on dewy look as it can get pretty ugly when it gets really humid. I’d normally apply powder over most of my cushions just to avoid looking oily every day. If I were in a colder/drier country, this would look really pretty even without powder.

Price: $$$$

This cushion is more on the expensive side. For the pretty finish, coverage and the refill, I think it’s worth it. However, I don’t think that I’d buy this again ’cause there are so many coming out already that I need to try and I still have to finish its refill.

Rating: 4/5

Where to get: @seoulfindsmnl (preorder)



I promise I did not buy this because of the packaging! Okay, I almost did, hehe! I’d been hearing really good things about Klairs. They have a number of award-winning products like their Illuminating Supple BB cream, Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Serum and.. this cushion! So when I saw somewhere in the internet that this is one of, if not the bestselling cushion in Korea, I just had to try it. It features a mochi technology that when you open it, you’ll find that all the product is underneath the sponge. You can use it in three different ways: 1) Simply use after opening. 2) Press down the cushion using a cotton swab or spatula for the sponge to absorb some of the product underneath before applying. 3) Use a tweezer to flip the cushion then apply.

Shades: Unfortunately, like the Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream, this only comes in one shade! It’s supposed to adapt to people’s skin tone. To me, it’s a good match but I honestly think that people who are darker than 23 can’t use this.

Packaging: Minimal kawaii on point! It’s so cute and easy to bring around. It’s just sad that the character on the cover got scratches already. 🙁 The component is in matte finish, therefore, can easily get dirty. On the inside, though, this product is probably the most hygienic! The airlock tray can be twisted to really seal in the product tightly and keep the air out! *.*

Coverage: The coverage is different for the 3 ways to use this product. For the first one, I really didn’t get to try ’cause I pressed on the cushion immediately after opening this, lol! But it is said that it’s basically for moisture – light to no coverage. The second one gives you a moderate coverage with a glow. If you don’t really have acne-prone skin, this is good for achieving a nice no make-up look. And lastly, flipping the cushion will give you the most coverage and a beautiful matte finish – my favorite!

Finish: So amazing at controlling oil! While I notice that most matte products kinda look make-upy, this one isn’t. The finish looks very skin-like and the matte-ness lasts for hours. It doesn’t transfer and doesn’t settle on my dry areas.

Price: $$$. I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more if it did come with a refill. I would definitely buy it again, though, because this is, by far, the best at being matte on this list!

Rating: 4.5/5

Where to get: Bien’s Beauty Bliss (@biensbeautybliss)


I really loved the old version of the Iope Air XP Matte Cushion so I had to have the new one. It definitely improved a lot! It now comes in 4 different types: Intense Cover, Natural Glow, Matte Longwear and Moisture Lasting! I got the Matte Longwear ’cause like I said, when they say matte in K-beauty, it usually ends up looking semi-matte, hehe! I was so glad that annoyingly strong scent from the old version is finally gone. The shades now come in three categories: neutral (N), cool (C), and warm/yellow (W). The new formula looks more natural and glowy! *.* This cushion is definitely one of my go-to’s!

Shades: The shades are a little bit confusing! Each tone category comes in 3 different shades: 13, 21, 23 – so there are a total of 9 shades: C13, C21, C23, N13, N21, N23, W13, W21, and W23. Before buying, I really didn’t know what to choose, so I read so many reviews. To simplify, if you’re more on the pink side, all you have to choose from are the cool tones. While for those who have warm tones, from the lightest to darkest, just follow this order: N13, W13, N21, W21, N21, W21, N23, W23. And for your reference, N23 (my shade) is basically equivalent to the old Air Cushion XP 21 shade. So if you’re a 23, It’s safer to get the W23. This applies for the Matte Longwear version only. For other variants, the shades may not be the same.

Packaging: The product is significantly slimmer than the previous version. The puff has also gone smaller but I don’t really have any complaints about that. Cool new thing about this cushion is it has a honey comb pattern on it so the applicator now absorbs less of the product to maximize the bb!

Coverage: Medium. It can cover up basically everything that I want to cover without looking make-up-y. It doesn’t settle in my laugh lines like the old one used, too. This is definitely more moisturizing, too.

Finish: Out of all the cushions on this list, this is the most matte right after application. However, after a few hours,  my t-zone started to get a little shiny. It got me quite disappointed. I find the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion better at oil-control than this. I love the fact that this cushion doesn’t transfer. No worries on leaning on your boyfriends shoulder, hehehe. It adheres to the skin really, really well!

Price: $$$

This is little more on the pricey side but if you have the budget and want to go straight to the really good ones, I highly recommend this. When my friends ask me what to get as their first cushion, this has always been my first suggestion.

Rating: 4.5/5

Where to get: Althea Korea


If there’s any budget-friendly cushion that I would recommend for first-timers, it’s the Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion. Crissey was the one who recommended this to me! When I learned that it came in this limited edition Kakao Friends A-Peach packaging, I decided to give it a try because I freakin’ love A-peach!! *.* This is one of the few cushions that you can buy from the store locally. It works nicely in the Philippine summer heat!

Shades: The shade that I got is V201 (like 21) which honestly is a little too light for me. It’s a bit sunscreen-y (if that makes sense). I’m not sure how the V203 will turn out on me, though.

Packaging: The Face Shop nailed it with their Kakao Friends limited edition packaging! Well, in general, TFS’ packaging are always on point. Even the normal version of this cushion is nice.

Coverage: Medium. It can decently cover up all my major skin issues but it doesn’t last as long as the cushions above, but for the price, it’s so worth it!

Finish: The finish is semi-matte. It controls oil really well.

Price: $$

For P895.00, you are really getting what you pay for! It comes with a refill and last quite a decent amount of time!

Rating: 4/5

Where to get: The Face Shop stores


Beige Chuu is the cosmetics line of the popular Korean online store, Chuu. If you’ve heard of Stylenanda, this is their direct competitor! What got me so curious about this cushion is this video. I also tried their eye shadow palette which was my go-to for a long time! I absolutely love it! And honestly, in general, I prefer this brand over its “competitor”, Stylenanda’s 3CE.

Shades: This cushion comes in 3 shades: 21 Yellow (which is the lightest), 21 Pink and 23 Natural. I had this in all 3 shades but decided to give the other two to my friends, Tricia (23) and Crissey (21 Pink). My skin is quite yellow so I went with 21 Yellow but I later realized that it’s too light on me – like waaay too light, huhu!

Packaging: It’s sooo similar to the first April Skin Cushion! I like the fact that it’s black but the overall look and material used for the component feels very lacking for the cost of this product.

Coverage: Medium-high. I love this because right of the bat, it gives some really good coverage but doesn’t feel like you have any make-up on.

Finish: It’s semi-matte finish looks so natural. Y’all know I’m all about that life! Right after application, you will not notice any stickiness. Your face will look really smooth and silky. Crissey and Tricia love this cushion! <3

Price: $$$$

It’s a bit too expensive since it doesn’t come with a refill ’cause like I said, the component is lacking that “luxurious” feel. It’s an overall really nice cushion. I would buy it again only if it one day comes with a refill and when the packaging improves.

Rating: 4/5

Where to get: Chuu website



This was gifted to me by my boyfriend when he went to Korea! He knows how much I love Gudetama and bb cushions (even though it doesn’t make sense to him why I have so many, lol). I’d used a Holika Holika bb cushion before which I did a review of in the past. I really liked it but not when it got super hot in the country. Since it has a dewy finish, it got a little weird over time. The packaging was still dope, though! This one isn’t any different when it comes to that! Just look at Gudetama! Who can resist that cuteness?!

Shades: The shade I got is 21 Light Beige. I honestly REALLY like this cushion. My only problem is that it is a tad too pink for my skin tone. I still love you, Gudetama!

Packaging: I’m giving this an A+++! Why’s it called lazy and easy? It’s for the lazy people who want their cushion application faster and easier. Once you push the button, it does not only open the cushion but also the airlock thingy! And once opened, you will be greeted by the cutest applicator puff ever. Oh hi, Gudetama! *.* It’s quite flat which I like! *.*

Coverage: Light – medium. Coverage and longevity is decent.

Finish: It’s more on the dewy side but at the level that I’m okay with. It gives some radiance to the skin and as you can see on the photo below, I definitely felt photo-ready, lol. It looks so good on photos but after several hours, it can get pretty shiny so better slap on some powder with it if you have combination to oily skin.

Price: $$

Rating: 4/5

Where to get: @seoulfindsmnl (Preorder)


As a fan girl, it’s only natural to support your idol’s brand. When it comes to make-up, Pony, is definitely my icon! <3 Her techniques and style are everything! She’s the Goddess of K-beauty! I know, I’m such a shipper that despite the price tag on the Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation, I went out of my way to get it. And it’s a lot different from the other cushions out there!

Shades: After some research, I decided to get it in shade #3 Natural Ivory (=21). I thought I was careful enough but it’s still too light on me. I think I should’ve gotten it in #5 Nude Beige. It’s just sad if you’re not into brightening foundations like me.

Packaging: Top 1 on the list when it comes to packaging. It’s sooo different and it feels very luxurious. *.* Actually, all Pony Effect product packaging are so on point. I wish I can afford to buy them all! Haha! Aside from the square-shaped component, I’m loving it’s applicator puff. It’s almost like a beauty blender in the size and shape of the usual cushion puff! (Also love the Pony Effect Pebble Blender!) It’s so soft and blends make up really well! The cream product has a strong signature scent. If you’re sensitive to scents, this may be not for you.

Coverage: Medium – high. It has about the same level of coverage with the Clio Kill Cover one. This one feels make-up-y, though, I guess it’s because the formula is really creamy. And for some reason, I don’t like how it makes my skin feel after several hours especially when it’s extra warm. It’s very long-lasting but gets kind of sticky throughout the day. I don’t really know how to explain it yet, lol!

Finish: This starts with a satin finish with a really nice glow but ends up dewy to almost oily after hours. I do like the finish and it adheres well to the skin but I’m really just not a fan of how make-up-y this feels. It’s not so good at oil-control, too. I really wanted to love this cushion but the formula is just really disappointing. Maybe a bit less if I got the right shade. It makes me sad how the cushions shades are becoming unattainable! I really hope that they improve the formula. 🙁 Well, I’m sure this works better in Korea.

Price: $$$

Rating: 3.5/5

Where to get: @seoulfindsmnl (Pre-order)


99% skincare + 1% make-up is what makes the Troipeel H+ Cushion so special. They go by tag line, “make-up is not all about covering, it is all about healing”. Sounds promising! I see Joan Keem and Edward Avila (faves!) rave about this non-stop on their Youtube Channels so I really really wanted to like this product. This was a gift from my atsi actually! There was no occasion and I didn’t ask why. The cushion junkie in me was just too excited to use it. This is supposed to be really good for acne prone skin as it heals your acne. It features a water wrapping system that will help keep your skin moisturized all day. It’s also anti-aging, whitening and has UV protection.

Shades: Like the Klairs Mochi BB Cushion, this cushion only comes in one shade. It also features a mochi cushion system to keep the product fresh with every use! But this doesn’t adapat to your skintone. It’s too light!

Packaging: The packaging is similar to the old Laniege BB Cushion packaging. At present, this may seem kind of outdated as cushions nowadays are significantly less bulky. I still like it, though. I kinda miss the old Laneige and Iope packaging.

Coverage: Medium – heavy. I love the coverage! Amazed how a skincare product can cover up basically everything that I want to! I really love how it looks on my skin. It sits pretty solid at first and it doesn’t transfer but after hours, it breaks so so bad! I guess it can’t really keep up with the heat here. 🙁 I’m so sad!

Finish: It leaves a really pretty semi-matte finish. Out of all on the list, the finish of this really stood out for me! I wish it didn’t break so bad. T.T

Price: $$$$

Since this is basically a skincare, I think that it’s really worth it. It’s like getting 2 products in 1! I wish it wore better in out country. I would seriously hoard this!

Rating: 3.5/5

Where to get: @seoulfindsmnl (pre-order)


Another recommendation by my dear friend, Crissey, is the Apieu Air Fit Cushion (even her mom uses this!). If I want something with light coverage, I’d go with either this or my Laneige Pore Control BB. This is significantly more affordable, though! Rilakkuma was my thing in high school. You can say that the packaging got me again! Haha!

Shades: 21 is just the right shade for me. It’s a little brightening but not to the point that it’s bothersome.

Packaging: This Rilakkuma edition is too cute for words. <3 It may look something like a little kid would play with but this cushion is no joke!

Coverage: Light. It’s perfect for everyday use. It feels very light on the skin and very moisturizing. Applying this is really satisfying as a one dab can go a long way! You can easily tell that this is very water-based once you put it on as it spreads so easily. It covers up pimples, blemishes and redness pretty well.

Finish: It has a dewy finish but not too dewy. It may start off as semi-matte but becomes dewy after hours.

Price: $$

I think I got this for about P700-P800 only – so affordable!

Rating: 4/5

Where to get: @seoulfindsmnl (pre-order)


Saved the best for last! If you’ve read my 2016 faves, you already know how much I love this cushion. For those who are not familiar of this brand, Lirikos is under Amore Pacific, the company that owns some of the biggest K-beauty brands like Iope, Laneige, Etude House, and Innisfree. This cushion was introduced to me by one of my favorite Youtube creators and dear friend, Liah. Thank you Liah! I never felt not pretty with this, lol! Lirikos recently came out with a new version of this cushion. I would definitely grab one when I get the chance! So excited!

Shades: Got it in shade #01 which is a really good match! The best actually! It’s so natural. I’ve never tried a cushion that’s as natural as this. It doesn’t have any hint of sunscreen effect at all.

Packaging: First look will immediately give you the idea that this is a premium product. The packaging is just gorgeous. What’s more sophisticated than white and gold together? The puff can be a bit uncomfortable to work with as it has a synthetic leather material. It would be nice if it was softer. Other than that, I love everything!

Coverage: Medium – heavy. It feels like applying a second layer of skin whenever I use this. The shade is just so natural, yet it covers so well. I use this whenever I attend events. It sits like a pretty princess for hours without moving or breaking. It looks even better with powder on! *.*

Finish: This cushion is really hydrating but yields a super smooth matte. No matter how hot it has gotten, this has never failed me! It also controls oil really well. I think it’ll complement any skin type. It just performs so well overall! <3

Price: $$$$

If you’re really into cushions and you have the budget, I highly recommend this! It’s just everything I wanted in a cushion. <3

Rating: 5/5

Where to get: Shop At Korea

There you go! Finally finished this super long post. It took a while ’cause I really wanted to share as many info as possible. Thanks so much for reading! Hope you like this post. If you have any questions, ask away at the comments section below. Have an awesome weekend! 🙂


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Louise Ramos February 22, 2017 - 7:35 pm

So many cushions!! I try not to buy based on packaging but some are just too cute. Haha. Been using Innisfree’s for quite some time now and even finished a refill. Now I want to check out Klairs. 🙂
Caffeine Rush

Farrah February 23, 2017 - 9:57 am

Go! Do it! ♡

Carla Chua February 22, 2017 - 10:27 pm

Hi Farrah!

Thanks for sharing this very thorough cushion review. I’m transitioning from bb creams to cushions so it is definitely a helpful read. I notice that most of the items are bought online, how do you gauge the shade to buy? I’m a bit hesitant to purchase online because I might get the wrong shade! And I tried buying here locally but the lights in the shops made me confuse what shade to get hahaha! Any tips?


Farrah February 23, 2017 - 10:05 am

Hi Carla! Thanks for reading! If I have to buy online, I would go through several reviews first before deciding which shade to get. I would base it on the standard 13, 21 & 23 shades and find which people use these shades and what shade of the cushions are they getting. Normally, they would comment if it’s a match or not! Also, you can familiarize yourself with brands like Etude House whose products ALWAYS run brighter than normal (almost unattainable!!) so you’d already know that you should go darker. For personal shopping, I would swatch the cushion on my wrist. It’s not gonna be as noticeable honestly if you do it on your face (cause of the lighting, etc.) so I do it on my wrist. If it’s a match or a bit darker then I woulf get it. OR you can simply base it on the bb cream shades that you use. 🙂

Carla Chua February 26, 2017 - 4:34 pm

Thanks Farrah! I just ordered the Iope one from Althea (got the N21 shade!) and I’m excited for it to arrive. Good suggestion to base it on my current BB cream! 🙂

Hafsa February 23, 2017 - 8:40 am

This is a really great list of cushions. I’m a make-up noob but I’m trying to ‘learn’ the way so this is a really useful reference. Thank you for this Farrah!

-Hafsa, petalhugs.wordpress.com

Farrah February 23, 2017 - 10:09 am

Thank you! Glad this helps! 😉

donna February 25, 2017 - 1:02 pm

Yey! Thank you for the review Farrah! This would help me a lot. <3 How about Nakeup Face cushion, have you tried that already?

Farrah February 27, 2017 - 9:49 am

You’re welcome! 🙂 Not yet! Hihi

Chelle February 25, 2017 - 5:56 pm

You have written such a comprehensive review! It’s nice that you had before and after photos, and you were honest about your opinion for each cushion. Very helpful! I’m looking forward to more reviews. Great job, Farrah! ♡

Farrah February 27, 2017 - 9:43 am

Thank you Chelle! <3 Glad you find this helpful!

Arianna Tan March 6, 2017 - 4:00 am

This is so informative! I’ve been wanting to try the Troipeel cushion too (lowkey bc of Joan & Edward lol i am obsessed with them) but when you said it breaks so bad because of the humidity hear I got so sad!!! huhuhu 🙁 I guess I’ll try the IOPE or The Face Shop cushion first! 🙂 Btw, have you tried Etude’s AC Clean Up cushion? Wanted to know your opinion on that if you have! 🙂

Farrah March 13, 2017 - 8:14 am

Sure! When I get the chance, I’ll grab it. Thanks Arianna 🙂

Danielle May 24, 2017 - 8:45 pm

Hello Farrah 🙂

Thank you for the very informative cushion review. Where were you able to buy the Troiareuke cushion? Thank you 🙂

Farrah June 14, 2017 - 6:53 pm

It was a gift from my sister. 🙂 But you can preorder it at instagram.com/seoulfindsmnl

Faye July 1, 2017 - 5:26 pm

Hi! Does the Lirikos Marine Collagen Moist Cushion comes with refill? I’m planning to order it at @seoulfindsmnl as well.

Farrah July 7, 2017 - 11:08 am

Yes 🙂

Matilda July 10, 2017 - 9:34 am

Hi! Thank you for the review. I’d really like to try the Lirikos cushion since Liah Yoo’s review about this. I’m from the Philippines and I have problems with some cushions who oxidize, leave dry patches and dissapear hours later since our weather is really hot. Does the Lirikos Cushion do this thing as well? Is this also good for dry & sensitive skin?

Farrah July 26, 2017 - 5:14 pm

I think so unless you’re sensitive to fragrances. 🙂 Glad you find this helpful, Matilda! ^^


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